Logo and Graphic Design Portfolio of The Logo Smith

Logo & Brand Identity Portfolio

Hello and welcome to my project portfolio page. This is just one page* showcasing a varied selection of: graphic, logo & brand identity, application icon and typographic design projects, that I have worked on over the years.

All of the following logo and brand identity projects consist of, at the very least, a logo design (or logo redesign). 

Some projects, especially those closer to the top, exhibit the completed brand Identity as used in the 'real-world', by showing aspects of the overall identity in physical use.

*Please Note: As of 8th January 2016, this website has undergone a massive website redesign, and as such, this portfolio page is a semi-temporary fixture. The portfolio page, and subsequent project pages, are being added to each day.

Last Portfolio Update: 1st February, 2016.

An example of logo construction & framework.

Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity Design — Client Website: Pure Storage.

Project Scope: Logo Redesign & 12 Page Brand Identity Guidelines — Client Website: Kerr Recruitment.

Project Scope: Logo & Application iPhone Icon Design — Client Website: Feedly.

Project Scope: Logo & Brand Identity, including aspects of Restaurant Interior, Design — Client Website: Black Vanilla.

Project Scope: Logo & Application Icon Design — Client Website: Sifter App.

Project Scope: Logo & Icon Design — Client Website: The Auto Network.

Project Scope: Logo Design — Client Website: Damien Hotellier.

Project Scope: Logo & Icon Design — Client Website: CodeStag.

Project Scope: Logo & Shop Sign Design — Client Website: Pedalworks.

Project Scope: Logo & Sign Design — Client Website: Skiplex.

Logo Design Grid

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