The Logo Smith: Logo & Brand Identity Design Studio, with over 27 Years Commercial Experience in: Logo & Brand Identity Design; Litho & Digital Printing; Reprographics; Print, Graphic Design; Typography; Advertising and Marketing.

Specialising In: Logo Design; Brand Identity Design; Logo & Brand Re-Designs & Updates; Icon & App Icon Design; Typographic Word Marks.


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Morgan Williams Racing Logo & Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith
The Logo Smith | Logo Design & Brand Identity Design Studio

Or also known as: Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols and Icons.

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Perry Referrals Veterinary Specialist Logo & Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith
Feedly Newsreader Logo & App Icon Design
Pure Storage Logo & Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith
Brand Identities

More than a Logo Design, the Brand Identity of a Company, for example, will consist of a varied range of both physical and emotive elements; some can be seen, some touched, some can be smelled, and many play on our emotions.

These varied elements of a Brand might consists of elements, such as: Tag-Line, Typeface, Colours, Stationery, Printed and Digital Literature, Website, Social Media, Logo Design, etc, will work together to identify and distinguish the Brand, and it’s Identity, in the consumers’ mind.

HITT Indie Gaming Studio Logo & Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith
Perry Referrals Veterinary Logo & Brand Identity Design

Not always part of a wider Brand Identity Project, Product Packaging can be a one-off affair after the development of the logo design.

BrainExcell: I designed the Logo & Product Labelling and Packaging with specifications provided by the bottle and packaging printer. Although the client only required the Logo & Packaging Designed, we were still able to create the start of a wider Brand Identity image for the client to build up from.

BrainExcell NOOTROPICS Packaging Design

Monomarks are a Collection of Individual: Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols and Icons, taken from my Logo Design Portfolio, Displayed in Glorious Techniblack.

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Custom Logo Design; Brand Identity Design; Logo & Brand Identity Redesigns; Brand Consultation; Graphic Standards Manuals & Logo Style Guides; Graphic Design; Tag-lines; Business Stationery; Typography & Lettering;

iOS & Android Application Icons; Social Media Platform Branding; Secure WordPress Installs; WordPress Theme Customisation; Web Site Hosting; SEO & Social Media Consultation; and PR Services: Tech, IoT (Internet of Things) & Smart Home Public Relations.


“Graham’s logo design process, and meticulous attention to detail, created for us a logo and branding that has far exceeded our expectations.”

Abacus Insurance @Kevin Lewin

“Well, hiring Graham was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made… he spent the time and really cared to understand Pure Storage, and fought through it with us till the end to create something that instantly became an enduring symbol of the Pure Storage brand.”

“If you need to use a logo designer’s services, I would strongly advise you to go with The Logo Smith. In my opinion, he is one of the best freelance logo designs in the sector.”

“Working with Graham was a complete pleasure. Not only did he help guide us through some thorough exploration, but once things started to come together, he continued to work exhaustively perfecting our identity.”

“We absolutely loved the final result. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham to anyone else needing a logo design.”

EU Recruit @Chantal Yeung

“Graham exceeded our expectations every step of the way, and even provided on-going support after the project had officially ended.”

“If Jesus was a Logo Designer…”

“The Logo Smith creates such great logos it makes me want to start more businesses.”