Freelance Logo Designer and Brand Identity Design Studio, with over 27 Years Experience.


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Freelance Logo Designer, The Logo Smith, Designs High Calibre Logo & Brand Identities, that are: Beautiful & Unique; Clean & Bold; Flexible & Adaptable, and invariably have a Timeless Flair.

The Logo Smith specialises in: Logo & Brand Identity Design; Logo & Brand Re-Designs & Updates; Icon & App Icon Design; Social Media Branding; Print & Digital Design; WordPress & Website Design.

The Logo Smith also has a Strong & Creative Eye for a Logo ReDesign, or a Brand Identity Redesign, be it a: Subtle Refresh; Significant Update, or a Complete Brand Overhaul.

Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols & Icons.

As a leading UK based Freelance Logo Designer, The Logo Smith is certainly well know known for designing stupidly awesome Logo Designs. 


Whilst a Logo Design isn’t the entirety of a Visual Brand Identity: a memorable Logo Mark can certainly help create a lasting impression in the eyes of the beholder.

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The Logo Mark (Brand Mark) is often the first visual representation of a Brand that a person sees, and for this reason alone: the Logo Design needs to full fill many roles.


A Logo Mark that is clean and functional; conveys simplicity and depth of character, is the ultimate aim.



Peoples Church of Montreal

Peoples Church of Montreal

Not just a Logo Design: Stationery, Signage, Websites etc.


The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer

The Brand Identity of a Company is more than a Logo DesignFor example, it will consist of a varied range of both physical and emotive elements; some can be seen, some touched, some smelt and many play on our emotions.


Brand Identites can also include aspects of Product Design: applying Brand Logo Designs to various Products & Equipment, such as for Pure Storage Flash Arrays (as photograph below shows):

Pure Storage Identity Design


Not just Pretty Logo & Visual Brand Identity Designs

The Logo Smith isn’t just an amazing Freelance Logo Designer; also provides a full range of Creative & Technical Services – including Product Design – refined and honed over 27 Years of Experience, including but not limited to:

Logo & Brand Identity Design: Freelance Logo Design; Brand Identity Design; Icon Design; Logo & Brand Identity Redesigns; Corporate Brand Design; Brand Consultation; Graphic Standards Manuals & Style Guides; Brand Name & Tag-line Creation.

Product, Graphic, Print & Digital Design: Business Stationery Design; Packaging Design; Brochure & Catalogue Design; Poster & Flyer Design; Book Cover Design; Typography & Lettering Design; Digital Design; Photo Retouching & Editing.

WordPress & Website Design: Secure WordPress Installs; WordPress Theme Customisation; Website Security; Website Speed, Performance Audits & Optimisation; Domain Name, WordPress & Website Hosting.

SEO & Social Media: SEO & Google My Business Audit & Optimisation; Social Media Platform Branding; Social Media Audit, Consultation & Strategy; PR Services: Technology, IoT (Internet of Things) & Smart Home Public Relations.