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The Logo Smith has over 28 Years Commercial Experience, in: Logo & Brand Identity Design; Digital & Print Design; Typography; Litho & Digital Printing; Advertising & Marketing.

The Logo Smith aka Smith.™ specialises in: Logo & Brand Identity Design; Logo & Brand Re-designs & Updates; Label & Packaging Design; Icon & Application Icon Design; Social Media Branding; Print & Digital Design; WordPress & Website Design.

Pure Storage Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

Introduction to Smith.™

The Logo Smith is a leading UK freelance logo designer that develops & designs high calibre logo marks & brand identities that are: beautiful & unique; clean & bold; flexible & adaptable, and have a timeless flair.

The Logo Smith also has a strong & creative eye for a: logo redesign, or a brand identity redesign, be it a: subtle brand refresh; significant brand identity update, or a complete brand identity overhaul.

The Logo Smith is well known for designing engaging* logo designs & Monomarks (as can be attested by many client testimonials).

*The Logo Smith worked with Pure Storage to design and develop the logo & brand identity, during it’s stealth mode period in 2011. Pure Storage is a public company headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. It develops all-flash data storage hardware and software products. Pure Storage was founded in 2009 and developed its products in stealth mode until 2011.

Logo Portfolio

Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols & Icons

Logo Design Portfolio by The Logo Smith Featured

Whilst a logo design isn’t the entirety of a visual brand identity: a memorable logo mark can certainly help create a lasting impression in the eyes of the beholder.

The logo mark (in the example above, the logo mark is the orange P for the Pure Storage logo design) which is also called: brand mark, symbol, icon, emblem, etc, is often the first visual representation of a brand and/or company that a person sees, and for this reason alone: the logo design needs to full fill many roles.

The logo design process includes: research, conceptualisation investigation of alternative design directions and ideas, refinement of a chosen design, testing across brand touch-points, and finally adoption and production of the chosen logo design by the client.

On the outside, a logo mark that is clean and functional; conveys simplicity and depth of character, is the ultimate aim during the development and design phase of a logo design project.

However, a clean and simple looking logo mark is rarely simple in its development and design; quite often will be a complex weave of various horizontal, vertical, angular alignments and intersections, along with other design grid principles, to ensure the logo is balanced and well formed in it’s final form.

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The Monomarks Collection

Naked, Raw & Monochrome

Monomarks Logo Design Book Collection Designed by The Logo Smith 3

Monomarks Collection Single Page PDF Poster for Download by The Logo Smith

Monomarks are my Collection of Individual: Logo Marks, Brand Marks, Type Marks, Emblems, Symbols and Icons, taken from my Portfolio, Displayed in Glorious Techniblack; stripped of all Colour and Context.

I go to great lengths to ensure that each logo I design works in it’s purest form; stripped of all colour, and in most cases; all wording. 

This allows the resulting black logo mark to convey the intended message in the purest way possible.

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Brand & Visual Identities

Not just Logo & Icon Designs

SuperblyCo Logo Brand Identity-Stationery design mockup 06 by the logo smith

The brand identity of a company is more than a logo design. For example, it will consist of a varied range of both physical and emotive elements; some can be seen, some touched, some smelt and many play on our emotions.

Brand identities can also include aspects of product design: applying brand logo designs to various products & equipment, such as for the Pure Storage Flash Arrays, and bottle labels for BrainExcell.

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Other Creative and Technical Services

The Logo Smith isn’t just an amazing freelance logo designer; also provides a full range of creative & technical services – including product design – refined and honed over 28 years of experience within the commercial print and graphic design industry, including but not limited to:

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Freelance Logo DesignBrand Identity Design; Icon Design; Logo & Brand Identity Redesigns; Corporate Brand Design; Brand Consultation; Brand Guidelines, Graphic Standards Manuals & Style Guides; Brand Name & Tag-line Creation.

Digital Design

Photo Retouching; Image Manipulation, & 3D Renderings.

Product, Graphic & Print Design

Business Stationery Design; Packaging Design; Conference & Exhibition Stands; Brochure & Catalogue Design; Poster & Flyer Design; Record & Music Label Design; Book Cover Design; Typography & Lettering Design.

WordPress & Website Design

Secure WordPress Installs utilising Cloudflare; WordPress Theme Customisation; Website Security; Website Speed, Performance Audits & Optimisation; Domain Name, WordPress & Website Hosting.

SEO & Social Media

SEO & Google My Business Audit & Optimisation; Social Media Platform Branding; Social Media Audit, Consultation & Strategy; PR Services: Technology, IoT (Internet of Things) & Smart Home Public Relations.

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