Logo Case Study & Logo Process Explorations

Logo Case Study & Logo Process Explorations is a collection of logo & brand identity design projects, from my Logo Portfolio, where I’ve written up how each project was designed and developed.

If you are interested in getting a good idea of how some of these logo and brand identity projects were designed and developed, then read on.

The Case Study for Pure Storage, below, is the jewel in my crown, so this is always a good one to start with.

Case Study for Pure Storage Logo & Brand Identity

Some of the more exhaustive, and somewhat verbose, Logo Case Study write-up’s include, if you have time and inclination to read them:

And We Succeed Consultancy
Apple & Eve
Rocket Science VFX
Orb Web Solutions
Wavepulse Acoustics
Tamara Kauffman

Orb Word Mark Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

If you like typography, and type focused logo designs, then the following should be of interest to you:

Foehn & Hirsch (really long)
Love Ampersand

Foehn & Hirsch Logo Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith

BrainExcell is a good one to look at if you’re interested in product packaging, and label design, as well as logo design.

This logo and brand identity project proved to be quite the challenge, but a very successful result for the work required.

brainexcell logo designed by The Logo Smith

Logo Case Study & Logo Process Explorations by Smithographic

Each of the following Logo Design images link directly to the corresponding Case Study page:

Time to write, or lack thereof

A few of these Case Studies are quite recent, but the ones that are the really detailed and lengthy Case Studies, are typically older.

The reason for this is quite simple: it was easier for me to spend the time writing these verbose Case Studies when I first started The Logo Smith.

In part because having left my last ever full-time employed job, I had time on side whilst I started to find clients, and build up my portfolio and reputation

In recent years, The Logo Smith has become busier and busier, with larger and more complex logo and brand identity projects. This has meant the time needed to create these lengthy textual accounts has become harder and harder to find.

This is in amongst the usual day-to-day running of your own creative business: namely actually doing the creative client work that pays the bills; the usual splattering of self promotion, marketing and social media; admin, email and accounts; website portfolio updates and maintenance, and of course walking the dog ensuring some semblance of a healthy work/life balance.