Logo Process: RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo & Identity Designed by The Logo Smith

RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

The Logo Smith designed a new Logo and Identity for RosyBee Plants for Bees, who sell:

flowering plants, packaged bee plots, containing a variety of perennial flowering plants to provide bees with a continuous mixed supply of pollen and nectar all season long.


The RosyBee Logo Mark Design

The RosyBee logo mark was based on the Borage flower, which has 5 petals sepals and 5 stamens.

Before we started working on the logo project, the client was keen that the logo should ideally include some kind of visual reference to a bee, which obviously wasn’t an unreasonable request given the circumstances.

The clear challenge, given the many other bee type logos out there, especially within the clip-art sector, was to ensure the RosyBee Plants for Bees logo didn’t look at all cliché, cheesy, clip-arty, or any other slightly negative association.

The initial brainstorming phase was a little slow as I explored numerous options, most of which focused on various pollinating plants and flowers.

It was the Borage Officials that really caught my eye as it’s so beautiful, and the lavender colour specimens (below), are particularly stunning.

Seeing the arrangement of the petals started a few gears in my head churning…

Borago Officinalis

After some sketching, and digital exploration in Illustrator, I came to realise that if you rotated the body of a bee, whilst sharing/overlapping the left wing, you could introduce the notion of a bee as part of the Borage plant. 

The logo mark design also allows for various logo lock-ups to ensure greater flexibility in the use and application of the logo.

Image above shows some of the earlier logo mark exploration phase, before settling on the final version, shown in colour on bottom line.

I make it sound quite straight forward, but getting the right balance of the bee and the borage was pretty tricky: overall spacing, proportions of bee in relation to the petals, how much of the bee should be visible between the petals, how many stripes, what colour, etc,

Also of course the client also had her own ideas on how the bee should be visualised.

RosyBee Logo Mark placed over the Borage Plant.

After quite a bit of exploration, we managed to both agree on a version of the logo mark that ticked all the boxes.

A result of the combining of the bee and the Borage flower, is that it shows the bees head first into the flower, and this partial showing of the bee really helps add a bit of fun to the logo.

Only seeing the rear end off the bee also makes it clear the bee is thoroughly immersed in the pollen provided by the Borage plant, and by extension, RosyBee Plants for Bees.

Fonts Used

RosyBee used Gotham Rounded Medium, and Effra Light for Plants for Bees.

Rosybee plants for bees Logo mark Designed by The Logo Smith
RosyBee Logo Mark

About RosyBee Plants for Bees

Whilst our focus is helping honey bees, and pollinating insects, our business is selling plants to landowners who care about the environment: gardeners, allotment holders, bee-keepers, farmers, or local councils.

Bees need masses of flowers, continuously, from as early as March through to October. They rely on bulbs and then tree flowers for the first few months but from May onwards ground level flowers are their natural food supply which would originally have meant meadows but now means gardens.

At Rosybee Plants for Bees we supply plants that we are certain will be good for bees because we have grown them and observed how many bees they attract.  We are also:

  • Creating a bee-haven by gradually developing our 6 acre site to increase the volume of nectar and pollen available
  • Researching more plants to test which are best for bees. This involves involves growing and comparing more plant varieties and keeping careful records of how may and what type of bees they attract
  • Testing some other products which are sold claiming to be good for bees, particularly seed mixes, to see how they perform in practice.

….oh and we also keep bees!

Logo Portfolio and Monomark for RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo Designed by The Logo Smith
RosyBee Plants for Bees Company Logo Designed by The Logo Smith
RosyBee Plants for Bees Logo Designed by The Logo Smith