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Sketches for SuperblyCo Logo Design – The Sketchbook Secrets Series

This is the 3rd Logo Design Sketch post for SuperblyCo, in my attempt to catalogue a number of my past logo sketches. → Previously on: The Sketchbook Secrets Series SuperblyCo was recently completed logo design project, designed beginning of2020. Thoroughly…

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Logo Design Sketches for Initial S Letter S SuperblyCo

Sketches for PedalWorks Bike Shop Logo – The Sketchbook Secrets Series

Having just posted about my Squirrel Logo Sketches, I’m now following up with the 2nd instalment; my attempt to catalogue a number of my past logo sketches, with: Sketches for the PedalWorks Bike Shop Logo. → Previously on: The Sketchbook…

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PedalWorks Bike Shop Logo Sketches by The Logo Smith

Sketches for a Squirrel Logo & Icon Design – The Sketchbook Secrets Series

Thought I might start cataloging all my past Logo Sketches that I’ve accumulated over many years; starting with my favourite Squirrel Icon and Logo Design. Somewhat overwhelmed by the shear number of sketch books, note books, loose sheets of sketch…

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Pencil Sketches for Squirrel Logo Design by The Logo Smith