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Impossible Type – Concept Font Inspired by MC Escher by Fleta Selmani

Impossible Type is a clever concept font, inspired by the impossible geometries of MC Escher, and designed by Fleta Selmani. Somewhat pleasantly surprised at how well the majority of characters translate into this impossible MC Escher style, although the ampersand…

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Impossible Type Concept Font Inspired by MC Escher by Fleta Selmani

OPTICIAN SANS – A Free Font Based on Optical Eye Charts and Optotypes

Optician Sans was created by ANTI Hamar and typographer Fábio Duarte Martins, and is available as a Free Font Download from the Optician Sans website. Optician Sans Custom Alternates Optician Sans also comes with a handful of custom alternate gylphs, for…

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optician sans free font for download

Linked Now Typeface – Free Extra Bold Font Designed by Jehoo Creative

Linked Now Typeface is a curiously striking typeface, that has some rather unusual ligatures, which you can test for your self by downloading Linked Now Extra Bold for free*. *Linked Now Extra Bold also comes with a free-to-use commercial licence.…

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Linked Now Free Extra Bold Font Designed by Jehoo Creative

Sketches for SuperblyCo Logo Design – The Sketchbook Secrets Series

This is the 3rd Logo Design Sketch post for SuperblyCo, in my attempt to catalogue a number of my past logo sketches. → Previously on: The Sketchbook Secrets Series SuperblyCo was recently completed logo design project, designed beginning of2020. Thoroughly…

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Logo Design Sketches for Initial S Letter S SuperblyCo

Type Hero #11: Braille Institute Atkinson Hyperlegible Typeface – Free Font Download

Atkinson Hyperlegible, designed for Braille Institute, is a free typeface created specifically to increase legibility for readers with low vision, and to improve comprehension. Named for the founder of Braille Institute, Atkinson Hyperlegible is a traditional grotesque sans-serif at its…

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Braille Institue Atkinson Hyperlegible free typeface Featured