10 Beautiful Brand New Word Marks – Part 1

The last few months I’ve been increasingly impressed by the number of Brand New Word Marks and Logos being designed, as well as redesigned.

After way too long mulling over subscribing to Brand New, I decided to go for it, and now I’m glad I did.

Seeing all these beautiful logo designs coming out on a regular basis has given me a renewed sense of faith in logo design/redesign in general.

Over the last few years it had seemed like the quality of almost every new redesign/rebrand coming out was less than desirable.

Now feels we’re over that.

I get the sense that whilst designers’ are creating some beautiful logo designs, they are also seemingly practicing restraint, whilst keeping true to the original brands roots.

I’ve felt somewhat spoilt for choice as each week several new Brand New posts and tweets showing yet another gorgeous word mark.

My Favourite Word Marks from Brand New

I decided a few weeks back to simply collate some of these recent typographical logo designs into a mini logo collection.

So what you’ll see are Word Marks / Type Marks only; no other visual element (combination logo), just wording in whatever shape, size and style.

I’ve picked out the ones that I particularly love for any number of reasons, but mostly the choices are simply based on my first-impression on seeing the word marks either on the Brand New Twitter feed, or via the Brand New website.

Some of these word marks that have been updated and refreshed, where the new design is clean and rejuvenated, whilst keeping a clear reminder of the original; 2 examples are Campbell’s & Marshmallow.


I’ve added appropriate: Designer, Studio, Agency link credits; Client and Company details and links, and finally the corresponding link back to the original Brand New post.

There’ll be another 10 beautiful Word Marks, courtesy of Brand New, within the next week or so.

10 Brand New Word Marks – Part 1

1. Vanish – Designed by The Collected Works

Vanish - Designed by The Collected Works (New York, NY)

Brand New Post: If this Van ish a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’

2. Nettie – Designed by Hoodzpah

Nettie - Word Mark Designed by Hoodzpah  (Orange County, CA)

Brand New Post: A Paddle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

3. Mycle – Designed by B&B Studio

Mycle - Word Mark Designed by B&B studio (London, UK)

Brand New Post: Dude, where’s my Cycle?

4. Rockit – Redesigned by Special Group

Brand New Post: New Logo for Rockit (Apple) by Special Group

5. Campbell’s – Redesigned by Turner Duckworth, in collaboration with Ian Brignell.

Brand New Post: Souply and Demand

6. Sweetgreen – Designed by COLLINS and In-house

 Sweetgreen - Word Mark Redesigned by COLLINS

Brand New Post: Greening from Ear to Ear

7. Nuud – Designed by Mother Design

Nuud - Word Mark Designed by Mother Design

Brand New Post: Boldly go Where no one has Gum Before

8. Coolhaus – Redesigned by BexBrands 

Coolhaus - Word Mark Redesigned by BexBrands 

Brand New Post: That’s Haus the Cookie Crumbles

9. Smooj – Designed by Ann Arbor

Brand New Post: Smooj Operator

10. Marshmallow – Redesigned by Output

Brand New Post: S’more than Just Another Pretty Face

10 Beautiful Brand New Word Marks – Part 2