Letter M Logo for Sale designed by Smithographic℠

Initial M / Letter M Logo Design Details

The cost for this Letter M Logo for Sale is £600, and its quite a special logo in my opinion.

The concept was initially designed for a client who needed a logo for a medical website: http://medifact.md providing information, facts and answers to questions from established and revered medical professionals. Each article is checked by 3 other medical professionals, so as to avoid any incorrect data being shown and/or biased conclusions etc.

The brainstorming process resulted in the letter M logo mark made primarily from speech bubbles (in this case representing quoted facts), but also punctuation in the form of quote marks, which together draw your focus to the initial M created from the negative space.

These shapes, when placed in a certain layout, create the initial letter M formed from the internal negative space. The concept was not used, and so I’m able to repurpose it, and sell it on.

However, the use of ‘speech bubbles’ to create the negative space letter M within makes it quite nifty and good looking.

It would be feasible to flip this upside down to create the letter W if so desired, but it doesn’t look quite so natural.

As with all my other logos for sale, there are a some extras that can be included for additional cost:

Additional Extras

Adding of Logo Wording – £45
Logo Font Style Exploration – £65
Logo Colour Exploration – £65
Stationery Design: Business Card & Letterhead – £150
Logo Guidelines Poster (See Examples) – £250

Any other changes and/or deliverables that you might need that are not listed above, then please contact me with your details.

Letter M Logo for Sale

Logo Design Exclusivity

All my Logo Designs for Sale are Completely Exclusive, and will only be sold once. 

If you buy this logo design, then you’ll receive all Copyright and Original Artwork, and you’ll be free to do with this logo as you see fit.

All Logo Designs for Sale come with: Transfer of CopyrightMaster Logo Sheet, Digital Files (.eps, .ai, .PDF).

Interested in Buying this Letter M Logo Design for Sale?

If you are interested in buying this logo design, then please send me an email to:


Letter M Logo for Sale
Letter M Logo for Sale

How these Logo Designs for Sale came to be

Over the course of my 30 years within the logo design industry, I’ve accumulated 100’s, possibly 1000’s, of unused logo designs.

Many of these you can see in my Logo Design Portfolio, Case Studies, The Brand Gallery, and also in the Monomarks Portfolio.

Some of these are: client rejected logo designs, logo concepts, and many more doodles and sketches of possible logo designs that were not used.

In some cases I’m able to reuse or adapt an existing ‘unused design’ for a new client.

I’m seeing my library of these ‘unpublished’ designs just collecting digital dust, which is quite a waste I think.

I therefore decided it would be a nice little income earner to start making these ‘unused and unseen’ logo designs and concepts, available to buy almost ‘off-the-shelf’, with some minor tweaks and changes.

A lot of these Logos for Sale are the result of many weeks, sometimes months, of: research, mind-maps, doodling and sketching, designing and tweaking, backwards and forwards with the client.

These designs are not just randomly made in 10 minutes, but ARE the result of my many years of experience, and close working relationship with each past client.

You are therefore buying a supremely awesome value for money logo design, at a fraction of the cost of most bespoke logo design projects that I am commissioned to develop and design.

Design Exclusivity is so important in logo and brand identity.

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