Company Logo Guidelines Poster V2 Template Free Download Designed by The Logo Smith

This Company Logo Guideline Poster template is a great way to show your logo to your client, and it’s available as a free template download, for any designer who might find it useful.

If you sometimes think how you could show your logo to your client, then this poster format is a good option.

I think it’s a great way to show and present your finished logo to your client, and helps show off the company logo that you have lovingly designed.

Not only does it show the company logo in it’s full glory, but also presenting the key factors that support the logo in use; logo colours, logo typography, logo sizes, logo lock-up’s, etc.

This particular format for the logo guidelines poster is based off an earlier logo and band identity project I’ve recently finished for SuperblyCo:

This is a slightly more detailed version due to the number of logo lock-up’s, as well as information regarding font sizing and usage, as well as creating a positive and negative version of the poster.

Incidentally, the company logo guidelines poster for SuperblyCo is also available as a free template download:

Download SuperblyCo Logo Guidelines Template

Spareto Company Logo and Brand Identity Design by The Logo Smith

Back to Spareto

This version of the company logo guidelines poster is, as you can see, for another recent client of mine, (their website is currently being redesigned for the new logo, and uses an interim version of the new logo).

Spareto was a logo redesign project (old vs new, below), and the poster format for SuperblyCo seemed to work really well for Spareto, with a few adjustments.

Logo Guidelines designed by The Logo Smith

The images above show the full version as created for Spareto, and versions without the Spareto logos, colours, fonts, and also showing the guides I used.

These images above are actual SVG’s, so you can even drag-and-drop these off on to your desktop, then open them up in Illustrator.

If you try double-clicking them then your computer will likely try and open up a text editor, as that is what SVG’s are.

So drag the files onto any app icon directly.

The next image is simply a full-size SVG of the complete Spareto Logo Guidelines Poster:

In all honesty the logo guidelines poster I created for SuperlyCo is by far the nicest one I have yet designed.

There was an immense amount of work trying to work the layout so I could fit everything I wanted to fit in, as well as making it look neat, classy and obviously useful.

A lot of attention to typography, page layout and of course grids and guides, but the end result is one I’m immensely proud of.

Using this as the basis for Spareto made perfect sense, even if it is a simplified version.

Logo Guidelines Poster V2 Adobe Illustrator Template Free Download by The Logo Smith

Using the Logo Guideline Template V2

Before using, all I ask is that you remove all instances of the Spareto logo, and change my company: The Logo Smith, details with out own.

I know this sounds obvious, but I have seen a few designers who kept my details in after showing me their versions of the posters! Funny really…

As mentioned above, you can drag-and-drop the SVG’s onto your desktop, or if you want the Adobe Illustrator file, then you can download below:

Download Logo Guideline Poster V2

I’d appreciate a share of this post on Twitter, if you feel so inclined:

Logo Guidelines Poster V2 Adobe Illustrator Template Free Download by The Logo Smith