Download my Logo Portfolio PDF

It’s taken quite a while, but I’m finally finished creating a comprehensive Logo Portfolio PDF, downloadable as a nice clean PDF.

I decided to make the page size of this portfolio, similar to that of Twitter’s rectangle image window.

This is simply so that when it is tweeted, the complete logo portfolio is viewable; nothing is cropped off or hidden, as seen below:

Logo Portfolio PDF

The nearly Complete Works

It’s called ‘The nearly Complete Works’ because it’s not the entirety of my logo design collection, but it is a good representation of my style of logo and brand identity design style over the last decade or so.

A few logos I have also omitted because the clients had insisted on a certain design aesthetic/style/direction, which went against my advice.

A number of my designs are also hidden, which is due to those nasty NDA’s that we sometimes have to sign.

Colour, and Black & White Portfolios

There are twoLogo Portfolio PDF’s to download:

1. Colour portfolio showing the complete logo design, seen on my Logo Portfolio Page.

2. Black and white portfolio, also known as: The Monomarks Collection, so just the logo mark in solid black.

→ Read more on Monomarks


Download PDF

If you want to download the Logo Portfolio PDF’s, then you can do so with the images below:

→ Download Portfolio PDF:
→ Download Portfolio PDF: