Vintage Car Racing Logos & Car Brand Decals & Stickers from the 1970’s

Came across this lovely logo collection of Vintage Car Racing Logos & Decals from the 1970’s over on ISO50’s blog some years ago, where they were picked up from Sarcoptifom’s Flickr Set.

It was only a quick link post that I did back in the day, but have meant to adjust some of the car racing decals by turning some of the black backgrounds back into white.

stp vintage race logo decal sticker

So this time I’ve done just that, and also cleaned up some of them a smidgen.

My favourite is Valvoline, just because of the general style, and the typography, it’s just a classic.

Turtle Wax is my bonus fav just due to the fun and colourful illustration. Although saying that, having an owl wearing ski googles is pretty bloody cool!

I’m now also tempted to faithfully recreate all of these in Illustrator just as a little fun side-project.

76 nascar vintage race logo decal sticker
Wynns logo old and new

Also note how the Wynn’s Oil logo has barely changed in the years, with the current version just sporting an italic version of the brand name, and lacking the black keylines.

That’s some logo longevity and timelessness right there!

Vintage Car Racing Logos & Car Brand Decals from the 1960’s-1970’s

cherry bomb vintage race logo decal sticker
Cherry Bomb
Pennzoil vintage race logo decal sticker
Moon Racing Decal
I Love My Hooker Headers Vintage Racing Logo Decal
I Love My Hooker Headers
Borg Warner Power Brute Sticker
Borg Warner
Go Turtle Wax Vintage Sticker
Turtle Wax
Love CD-2 Sticker
Love CD-2
hiJackers Sticker
uvex Vintage Racing Logo Decal
Bush Whacker Vintage Racing Decal
Bush Whacker
Crane Cams Vintage Racing Logo Decal
Crane Cams
Grant Vintage Racing Decal
Frendo Vintage Racing Decal
Doug Thorley Headers Vintage Racing Decal
Doug Thorley Headers
Cragar Vintage Racing Logo Decal
Wynn's Vintage Racing Decal
Victor Vintage Racing Decal
Valvoline Vintage Racing Decal