Case Study: Excedr Logo & Brand Identity Designed by The Logo Smith

Excedr Product Leasing Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

Case Study: Excedr Logo & Brand Identity Design

The Logo Smith designed a new Logo for, Excedr, a lab support program that provides scientists with operating lease solutions and comprehensive service plans at an affordable price.

“Our mission is to assist laboratories that seek to further scientific innovation. By providing equipment leasing and hassle free repair coverage, we aim to accelerate research and relieve laboratories of heavy financial burdens.

At the rate that science and technology move, researchers should not be slowed down by inaccessible or unaffordable research equipment.

Our leasing model stands behind this statement, promising labs financial and operational flexibility.”




Excedr Logo Mark Briefly Explained

The logomark was developed using the shape of the ‘X’, as the foundation, split vertically in half with the right side pulled back over the left forming the lower-case ‘e’ with a hint of ‘c’, which are the 3 most prominent sounding letters.

Excedr Logo Construction

The guides (below) showing various intersections, as well as showing the strong influence of the letter ‘x’.


Logo mark Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.

Excedr logo mark Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.Excedr logo mark Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.


Excedr Typeface Used

After looking at a multitude of possible typefaces, I finally settled on a revised version of a classic typeface called, Avenir Next Bold.

The X-height of Avenir is exactly half the height of the excedr logo mark.


Excedr logo design 1 by Graham Smith

Excedr type1 design by Graham Smith Excedr type design by Graham Smith

The Excedr Logo Design Versions


Excedr logo lock-ups Graham Smith

Client Testimonial

“From the beginning, I knew I was working with a top-notch, forward-thinking visual identity designer in the form of The Logo Smith.

Despite having only communicated through email, Graham effortlessly grasped our team’s vision and consistently provided us with keen design insights.

He seamlessly incorporated our business’ core values into each aspect of the project, resulting in a visual identity we are incredibly pleased with.

Graham exceeded our expectations every step of the way and even provided on-going support after the project had officially ended.

Graham’s creative prowess and thoughtful customer service are unmatched.

I can’t recommend him enough.

Andrew Chee –


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