Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain Kitchen Equipment Logo Design for Sale Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo SmithPleasant Hill Grain Logo Designed by The Logo Smith


Completed logo redesign for American based company, Pleasant Hill Grain, who specialise in selling a wide-ranging variety of quality food preparation equipment.

From home kitchen appliances for healthy and gourmet baking and cooking to commercial machines (including grinders, electric stone ovens, large vacuum sealers and nut grinders.)


A big part of the redesign was creating a far more friendly, and type focused logo. The logotype is a heavily customised version of Karbid.


Pleasant Hill Grain: “We want them to feel that in visiting or doing business with PHG, they’re associating with a company of the highest calibre. We put a lot of emphasis on how the preparing of super-tasty, attractive and healthful meals at home can be deeply rewarding, and that PHG has the resources to make it fun and easy!”

Website Redesign


The following image shows the Pleasant Hill Grain redesigned website nearing completion…


Pleasant Hill Grain Logo Designed by The Logo Smith



Pleasant Hill Grain Logo Designed by The Logo Smith