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For Sale, Icon, Initials

AudioVeer Logo Designed by The Logo Smith


AudioVeer is probably one of my most stolen and ripped off logo marks. Dozens of times I’ve found this AV logo being used by both other designers in their logo portfolios, and also used by companies as their brand mark.

I’m flattered that so many people like it, but it does get tiring having to keep on top how often it’s misappropriated.

AV or VA Logomark for Sale

This is a logomark that can be used for any number of applications given it’s linear simplicity. The form of the logo is such that the letters can be flipped to read VA (see below), instead of AV.

The sale of the logo, and it’s copyright (transfer of ownership from me to you) will include: addition of a brand name, colour options, letterhead and business card design.

If you are interested in this AV VA Logo Design, then please contact me for further details.

AudioVeer Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

AV VA logomark for Sale designed by Graham Smith


VA logomark for Sale designed by Graham Smith

Logo & Brand Identity Design by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.
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