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Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

If you're a fan of original airline memorable, then this selection of 140 Vintage Swissair Poster Designs, available for sale as prints from Galerie123, will be of some delight to you.

Galerie123During the last 20 years Galerie 123 has diligently assembled one of the most important poster collections of Swissair, the old national Swiss airline company.

It is with great pleasure that we are exhibiting, both in our gallery and on our internet site, this collection of 140 original posters, completed by an exceptional series of company model planes.

This page contains a large number of posters printed by the company Swissair. Those that are marked sold are not available for the moment. These photos come from our archives.

We have made the choice to to present them online in order to complete our story and to offer our visitors an almost exhaustive vision of the posters commissioned by Swissair.

Found via

Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

Original Vintage Swissair Poster Designs from Galerie123

Another Fucking Motivational Poster that Uses Fuck a Fucking Lot

There's this Reddit thread, based on this motivational poster, designed by Mike Winkelman aka Beeple, discussing the various merits and demerits of so called 'motivational posters' that use the Fuck word.

I for one like the word Fuck, and use it quite a bit in day-to-day use, but not in a vulgar crass way. Usually it's a Fuck it, or Fuck that, kind of thing.


Motivational Poster Design


Anyway, you might find this motivational poster has a few to many fucks, but I like the general idea of it.

You can see it, and/or buy it from Society6 below:


Motivational Poster Design on Society 6


It's also similar to the pretty well known website, and some say, the Original and Best: Good Fucking Design Advice

Good Fucking Design Advice




Reddit being Reddit, someone decided this wasn't grammatically correct, so designed one that supposedly is, below.

I'm no grammar expert, so cannot vouch for it's accuracy.

However, I'm not a fan of the fucking typography; more so the spacing and kerning leaves a lot to be desired.

So… here's a quick one I knocked up:

8 Bit Quit Smoking Advert in Arcade Breakout Style Designed by Unknown

8 Bit Pixel Quit Smoking Advert in Arcade Breakout Style Designed by Unknown

This cool Quit Smoking Advert, themed on the classic 8 bit arcade Breakout game, has been floating around for a while.

I first saw it on Reddit, and tweeted it:


Unfortunately this is one of those occasions where good intentions: to spread and share someones great work and to promote the Quit Smoking message, ends up forgetting the designer, and we are left with these images by 'unknown'.

Often a quick search on Google will provide the answers, but in this case I can't seem to find the designer responsible.

I've gone through all the Reddit comments to try and find a link, but so far nothing. It's been shared, and Pinned so many times…

If anyone knows who designed it, then please do let me know.

Recreated in A3

As the original image is quite small 499 x 666px (below), I decided to 'recreate' it as faithfully as possible (above), except to change the font to Helvetica Neue Heavy, just because…


The Quit Smoking Breakout Arcade Game

As is often the case with the Reddit community, a Reddit user: sunsetandlabrea decided to make a working game of this.

Unfortunately long gone, there is a YouTube video of the game in action…

There’s no such thing as a Nintendo Poster from 1990

I love this vintage Nintendo poster so much, put out by a desperate Nintendo of America Inc, way back in 1990.

Such a classic, and shows how times change when it comes to brand names becoming nouns.


There's no such thing as a Nintendo Poster from 1990


You see, "Nintendo" is an adjective, not a noun.

There's the Nintendo Entertainment System.® There's the Nintendo ® game software. And there's Nintendo Power TM magazine.

But there's no such thing as a Nintendo.

You see, "Nintendo" is an adjective, not a noun.

It is our registered trademark that identifies the high quality products that marketed and licensed by Nintendo of America Inc.

So please use out trademark carefully.

And never use it generically to describe all video game products.

We thank you. Mario thanks you.

Nintendo Logo Design


Manor Racing Team Vintage Style F1 2016 Race Season Posters


This epic collection of Race Posters, from Manor Racing Team, is an extraordinary treasure trove of gorgeously designed, vintage style, Formula One posters.

All of these race posters depict the F1 races from this past year of races (2016), and were all designed by the folks from the F1 Manor Race Team.


manor racing team f1 logo design


Each of these F1 posters has been designed in the style of a vintage movie poster, and depicts the two lead actors/drivers: Pascal & Esteban, for each of the various races across the globe.

Each of these posters was developed at the time of each race, then uploaded to their blog and made available as a high resolution download, as well as posted to their Instagram feed.

Download Race Posters in High Resolution

I've only uploaded a handful of these posters below, so visit this following link: to view the complete collection, and also download as high resolution versions.

2016 Race Season Posters from Manor Racing Team

Manor Racing Team formula-f1-2016-melbourne-grand-prix-race-posters

Manor Racing Team formula-f1-2016-austria-grand-prix-posters

manor-racing-formula-f1-2016-hungary-grand-prix-f1-postersManor Racing Team formula-f1-2016-monaco-grand-prix-race-posters manor-racing-formula-f1-2016-melbourne-grand-prix-race-posters manor-racing-grand-prix-formula-f1-2016-mexico-race-posters manor-racing-grand-prix-formula-f1-2016-austin-usa-race-posters manor-racing-grand-prix-formula-f1-2016-rising-sun-race-posters Manor Racing Team grand-prix-formula-f1-2016-italy-posters manor-racing-formula-f1-2016-british-gran-prix-posters Manor Racing Team formula-f1-2016-baku-grand-prix-posters


Apollo 13 Limited Edition Poster Designed by Justin Van Genderen

This Apollo 13 poster, designed by Justin Van Genderen, is absolutely gorgeous. Justin designed this Apollo poster as part of his: Location, Location, Location series, which you can view on Behance.

You can but limited edition prints via Print Shop, at a cost of $35. You'll get an Edition #2, 16" x 24" screen print, with a 2-3 week delivery window.

I initially found this on Reddit, and it's really become a very popular post.

Other Reddit users have been posting various other versions of this poster, even links to more historically useful bits of information relating to Apollo 13. Also see bottom of this post for a nice little animated version.

Go Reddit…

Apollo 13 Poster Designed by Justin Van Genderen




A reddit user: Plastuer, even created an animated version of it, such is this posters overall popularity:


And here's an iPhone background version, by another Reddit user, .

Apollo 13 (iPhone background)

Massively Large Collection of Completely Textless Movie Posters

I've picked out a few of my favourites from this Massively Large Collection of Completely Textless Movie Posters, that have been amended/recreated without any of original posters text/wording whatsoever.

There are over 80 different movie posters in the original collection, 80 Hi-resTextless Posters, over on Imgur (originally credited to by

I would love to know more about how these film posters were edited, and if indeed, it was by the same person or by a number of individuals. Not to much information on the source links, so if anyone has any information?

You'll see over in the original collection that many of the textless movie posters are of the illustrative style: Indiana Jones, Starwars etc, which minus the text and wording, really allows you to see the detail and styles in each poster.

Personally not for me; I prefer the photographic, and/or finer art styles as I've shown below. That's not to say the illustrative posters are bad, just a sign of the times that photo realisism is where it's 'mostly' at.


Textless Movie Posters Alien Movie Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording The Exorcist Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Textless Movie Posters The Frightners Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Textless Movie Posters Interstellar Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Textless Movie Posters Raging Bull Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Leon Movie Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Alien Movie Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Apocalypto Movie Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording Dirty Harry Movie Film Poster without Film Titles & Wording

Free Font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives (yes, it blacks out all adjectives)

This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed by @madebyslurpp & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed download in many formats, with instructions on how to install and use it.

AppleSansAdjectives Free Font Poster Sheet


Visit to Download Apple-Sans-Adjectives and also the Steve Jobs Posters

Graphic Design Type Posters-using Famous Steve Jobs Speeches

Apple-Sans-Adjectives Using Steve Jobs' Speeches

You can see the full effect of the font in the two posters that were designed using 2 famous speeches by Steve Jobs: The iPhone Keynote Speech of 2007, and the Stanford Commencement Address of 2005.

Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address, 2005

Steve Jobs Stanford Speech Poster Free Font

Steve Jobs' iPhone Keynote Speech of 2007

Steve Jobs iPhone Keynote Speech 2007 Poster

How to Install AppleSans Adjectives

Step 1

Upload contents of the zip file to your web server's public directory. For

Step 2

Add contents of styles.css to your site's style sheet.

Step 3

Make sure you adjust the paths in code fromstyles.css to reflect the relative path on your server.
For this example you need to prepend/css/webfont/ to all src url definitions. Like this:
@font-face { font-family: 'AppleSansAdjectives'; src: url('/css/webfont/AppleSansAdjectives.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'), url('/css/webfont/AppleSansAdjectives.woff') format('woff'), url('/css/webfont/AppleSansAdjectives.ttf') format('truetype'), url('/css/webfont/AppleSansAdjectives.svg#AppleSansAdjectives') format('svg'); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; }

AppleSansAdjectives Font Installation

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster Designed by Oliver Gareis

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster Designed by Oliver Gareis

This Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster has to be one of the best graphic design tributes I've seen in a while. Oliver Gareis has done an outstanding job of mixing and matching a whole bunch of typographic styles, into something really rather elegant and stylish.

In basic type theory (using more than a few font styles in one layout etc) it should be a mess, but it just seems to work so well.

It might not be to everyones taste, but I love it.

You must go over to Oliver's Behance profile: Steve Jobs Famous Quote Typography to view the original project, and to also watch a time lapse video of the posters development.

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster

Oliver explains how this came to be, and how long it took:

About one year ago I started this project, when the agency where I work full time decided that they want to pimp their office.

We brainstormed on what to do, and finally decided to write a quote on the wall of someone who is an inspiration to all of us, namely Steve Jobs.

So I sat down, took some time of reconsidering and picked a truly inspiring quote of him. First, I started drawing everything on paper.

Secondly, I scanned everything and assembled the four A4 sized papers into one piece with Illustrator.

It was a lot of hard work to create this illustration but it was definitely worth it. After I finished the illustration I drew the piece on our office wall.

It took me about 20 days spread over 4 month to finish this drawing. I would really appreciate it if you can take a look on the time lapse video to see my work."


Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster


NASA Mars Wanted Posters Designed by NASA


NASA Mars Wanted Posters Designed by NASA

Been meaning to post a link to these NASA Mars Recruitment Graphic Design Posters for a while, but always something else getting in the way. Finally here we are, as I really do love these posters, and love that animated GIF.

According to NASA, for all those that dream to be a martian:

NASA: Mars needs YOU! In the future, Mars will need all kinds of explorers, farmers, surveyors, teachers . . . but most of all YOU! Join us on the Journey to Mars as we explore with robots and send humans there one day. Download a Mars poster that speaks to you. Be an explorer!

NASA have not just designed these beautiful posters to stir up out imagination, and desire to explore and colonise space, you can download incredibly high resolutions versions, for print, also.

As an example, the high resolution TIF files come in at a whopping 92Mb! The posters are completely free, and can be printed and re-used as you see fit!

Visit Mars Explorers Wanted to download the posters


NASA Mars Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Assembly Required To Build Our Future On Mars And Its Moons

Are you someone who can put things together, solving challenges to ensure survival? Dare to forge our future with space-age tools - build spaceships to carry us to Mars and back, and habitats to protect us while we're there.


NASA Mars Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Technicians Wanted To Engineer Our Future On Mars

People with special talents will always be in demand for our Journey To Mars. Whether repairing an antenna in the extreme environment of Mars, or setting up an outpost on the moon Phobos, having the skills and desire to dare mighty things is all you need.


NASA Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Teach On Mars And Its Moons

Learning is out of this world! Learning can take you places you've never dreamed of, including Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. No matter where we live, we can always learn something new, especially with teacher-heroes who guide us on our path, daring us to dream and grow!


NASA Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Surveyors Wanted To Explore Mars And Its Moons

Have you ever asked the question, what is out there? So have we! That curiosity leads us to explore new places like Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos. Just what lies beyond the next valley, canyon, crater, or hill is something we want to discover with rovers and with humans one day too.


NASA Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Farmers Wanted For Survival On Mars

Got a green thumb? This one's for you! In space, you can grow tomatoes, lettuce, peas, and radishes just like you would find in your summer garden. New ways of growing fresh food will be needed to keep brave explorers alive.


NASA Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Work The Night Shift On Martian Moon Phobos

Night owls welcome! If you lived on Mars' moon Phobos, you'd have an office with a view, mining for resources with Mars in the night sky. Settlers below on Mars would see Phobos rise and set not once, but twice in one day!


NASA Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

Explorers Wanted On The Journey To Mars

Hike the solar system's largest canyon, Valles Marineris on Mars, where you can catch blue sunsets in the twilight, and see the two moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) in the night sky.


NASA Mars Recruitment Graphic Design Posters

We Need You

We need many things for our Journey To Mars, but one key piece is YOU!