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OPTICIAN SANS – A Free Font Based on Optical Eye Charts and Optotypes

Optician Sans was created by ANTI Hamar and typographer Fábio Duarte Martins, and is available as a Free Font Download from the Optician Sans website. Optician Sans Custom Alternates Optician Sans also comes with a handful of custom alternate gylphs, for…

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optician sans free font for download

Linked Now Typeface – Free Extra Bold Font Designed by Jehoo Creative

Linked Now Typeface is a curiously striking typeface, that has some rather unusual ligatures, which you can test for your self by downloading Linked Now Extra Bold for free*. *Linked Now Extra Bold also comes with a free-to-use commercial licence.…

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Linked Now Free Extra Bold Font Designed by Jehoo Creative

Sketches for SuperblyCo Logo Design – The Sketchbook Secrets Series

This is the 3rd Logo Design Sketch post for SuperblyCo, in my attempt to catalogue a number of my past logo sketches. → Previously on: The Sketchbook Secrets Series SuperblyCo was recently completed logo design project, designed beginning of2020. Thoroughly…

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Logo Design Sketches for Initial S Letter S SuperblyCo