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Waterstones Rebrands a strong ID to a limp ID

Waterstone’s redesigns it’s brand identity. My initial reaction is ‘Oh dear.’ This was my reaction when seeing it last night, and it’s till my reaction this morning. If anything, I feel more ‘Oh dear, oh dear.’ East to criticize without knowing the real reasons why Waterstone’s felt a rebrand was required, I am sure they had very good reasons. I would like to know what these reasons are, but in the absence of these reasons, I am basing it on my view as both a designer and a regular Waterstone’s customer.

Logo Design Love by David Airey – Book Review and Photos

Just like design, books can be quite subjective. Some books speak for themselves, some need help reaching a audience. I had no such reservations with David Airey’s first book, based on his logo design website titled “Logo Design Love”. Pulling in everything to do with successful logo and brand identity design, this book really achieves what many books seem to fail to do.

Logology – The Wonderland of Logo Design Book and Photos

Been after Logology for some time, specifically had it on back-order with for about 4 months. Each month they would email me saying it was delayed. Then finally, last week, they emailed me saying they would have to cancel the order as the publishers of Logology no longer had any copies available.

Book Review – TypeStyle Finder – Type & Font Inspiration

Having a number of years experience with typography and design didn’t stop me from wanting to buy this book. And indeed, it still proves to be a well thumbed and has countless tabbed sticky notes on many pages. Yes, it’s not the bible or the entire type collection of Adobe, but it does a great job of making things seem less ‘infinite’ where font choices are concerned.