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This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed [email protected] & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed download in many formats, with instructions on how to install and use it.

Visit to Download Apple-Sans-Adjectives and also the Steve Jobs Posters

Apple-Sans-Adjectives Using Steve Jobs' Speeches
You can see the full effect of the font in the

Some of you designers' may already be familiar with a few very challenging problems that I've experienced with VERY unscrupulous clients, and a very rigid and 'you are guilty until proven innocent' approach by Paypal.
Some of my top-tips are at the end of this post:
Several times last year, after completing several freelance logo design projects—in one case the client actually stating that my work was good, and was just what she was

A Brief History of the Virgin Logo Design Including a Napkin Doodle
Came across this post on Virgin's official blog: Virgin Logo The original Virgin Logo Design was used for Virgin Records way back in the 1970's, and the logo was designed by English artist, and illustrator, Roger Dean.
BIOGRAPHY: ROGER DEAN was born in England in 1944,and is an artist and designer internationally renowned for his, album cover designs, posters, books, the revolutionary

Freelance Graphic Designers: How do you Find New Work and Clients?
Thought I'd poll all you freelance graphic designers, logo and web designers out there, and see how you all collectively find yourself new clients, or how clients find you.

I've opened up Comments below, so please take a moment to share your various strategies.

Hopefully you'll like to share any methods that you employ in your quest to make yourself findable to potential

Work-in-Process: Social Video Calling Application Logo and App Icon Design
VIEW'D is a new: logo design and iOS app icon design project, which I'm currently working on, and am happy to share my process, and progress.

I will update the post with new screenshots and photos of my mock-ups, sketches, and scribbles as they are done.

In this post are just a few snapshots of the later stages of the project, showing the most

Work-in-Process: Wordpress Theme Developer Logo Design
'codetipi' is a logo design project currently in progress for a popular Wordpress Theme and Website Developer.

In this post are just a few snapshots of the later stages of the project, showing the most recent logo design concept (above), and a few of the ones that didn't quite turn out as expected.

As a freelance logo designer, the number of logo ideas and concepts that end up

New SETI Institute Logo Designed by Trevor Beattie

Only just received a press release for the SETI Institute Logo and branding redesign, designed by Trevor Beattie, Founder and Chairman of BMB.

This logo design has certainly piqued my interest, and I can see what's going on with the logo: the use of the 'S' and '?'

What I can say is: I still really like the original SETI Institute logo, was quite fond of that design overall. If you had

Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster Designed by Oliver Gareis
This Steve Jobs Tribute Typographic Poster has to be one of the best graphic design tributes I've seen in a while. Oliver Gareis has done an outstanding job of mixing and matching a whole bunch of typographic styles, into something really rather elegant and stylish.

In basic type theory (using more than a few font styles in one layout etc) it should be a

Custom Logo Designs For Sale
This page shows some of the custom logo designs that I have available, for sale, on here on this page: Custom Logos, Symbols & Icon Designs For Sale.

I have thought long and hard about having logos for sale on my website, as I don't want to have my website mistakingly associated with Stock Imagery.

The simple fact is that I have accumulate 100's of unused logo designs, ideas, concepts over the

My AC Academy Choir Logo Design Seen at the Royal Albert Hall
A short while back I took on pro bono logo design project for AC Academy, which is a London academy for children to take part in choir singing.

The logo was primarily to be used on the front of the 100's of white t-shirts that the children wear, when singing and performing at the Royal Albert Hall, most notably with

NASA Mars Wanted Posters Designed by NASA
Been meaning to post a link to these NASA Mars Recruitment Graphic Design Posters for a while, but always something else getting in the way. Finally here we are, as I really do love these posters, and love that animated GIF.

According to NASA, for all those that dream to be a martian:
NASA: Mars needs YOU! In the future, Mars will need all kinds of

Download Free Fonts and Specimens of Digital Typefaces by The Pyte Foundry
Where can I download free fonts and typefaces? Well, The Pyte Foundry is an interesting, and useful, typographic resource to add to your collection if you like collecting free fonts and typefaces.

You'll no doubt notice that they use 'alternative' spellings on their website, such as: Pyte for Type, Gidital Typefaces for Gigital Typefaces, Fount for Font, Pytographic for Typographic…

What Kolor is this? Colour Matching Game by Jorge Moreno

There's not an awful lot to say about What Kolor is This, by Jorge Moreno, as it's pretty self explanatory as an online gaming concept.

However, don't be fooled into thinking this is easy, because after the first few rounds, you'll end up struggling to select the right colour. I can guarantee it!

It's pretty fiendish, as the number of available color options increase,

The Challenges Facing Freelance Logo Designers and NDA's
Thought I'd share a letter I once wrote to a client, regarding some compromises on an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) I was asked to sign, for a logo and brand identity project.
The challenge was that my client was an 'agency', acting on behalf of their client.
My role was to produce 3-4 logo concepts, that 'my' client would show their client. Their client

2.5k linear Swim Around Brighton Pier and West Pier
This weekend I was fortunate to be playing an active role in Paddle Round the Pier, a yearly water festival in Brighton, taking both photographs and timing the swimmers.

Paddle Round the Pier takes place over one weekend with various water-based activities supported and surrounded by a “Paddle Village” of retail, exhibition and entertainments.

One of the key highlights is the 2.5k linear swim around both

Surreal Tilt-Shift Versions of Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Reddit user Melonshade, created and posted a series of surreal images of Surreal Tilt-Shift Versions of Vincent Van Gogh Paintings, as though being viewed through a tilt-shift lens.

Reddit can indeed be an exciting place to find new forms of graphic and visual inspiration. 

Melonshade explains, having been inspired by image manipulations previously created by Serena Maylon, on Artcyclopedia.:
I saw this a while back and it inspired me to try it

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