Logo Design Pricing Guidelines Template for Download by The Logo Smith

Much like the Transfer of Copyright Template, this version of my Logo Pricing Guidelines Template for Download, is a minor update to an older version.

For the most part, I don’t actually make these Pricing Guidelines available on my website, as I try not to influence the clients decision by showing them a selection.

Historically, my experience would show that allowing a client to come up with their own budget first, is often more fruitful…

If they come in under my ideal budget minimum, then I’ll send them a polite email and this Price Guide, and ask them if there’s any way they can increase their budget. Usually they do…


Logo Design Pricing Guidelines Template for Download by The Logo Smith

Download ZIP PDF & InDesign CC 2014: Pricing Guidelines 2017



Should I Use Your Prices?

These are my own Budget Points, and these have come about through much trial and error over the years; not to mention they do fluctuate from time-to-time.

I’m not suggesting that these are prices you should use, as each of us have wildly varying levels of: experience, needs, skill sets, expectations etc.

As some say: prices can go up, as well as down…

Can I Modify This Form?

Feel free to use this as is, or change the layout/contents as you see fit (obviously remove all instance of my name, logo and details).

How Do I I Show My Appreciation?

If you do find this a little bit useful, then a Post Tweet would be most welcome.


Download ZIP PDF & InDesign CC 2014: Pricing Guidelines 2017


logo design pricing guidelines template


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2017/08/21 & Post Updated: 2017/11/17
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