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Here you can hire The Logo Smith, a highly experienced—over 28 Years Industry Experience—Freelance Logo Designer, for your own Logo & Brand Identity Design Project.


Please do take time to be as descriptive as possible with the Logo Design Brief (or fill in the Detailed Brief); the bigger the picture you can draw for me, the better I’ll be able to understand what it is I need to design for you.


If you want to Hire The Logo Smith, but are a little unsure on what I have to offer, then please take a moment to look through my:



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  • Logo & Brand ID Information

  • Please detail exact wording for the logo. For me its The Logo Smith, for Coke its Coca-Cola.

  • If you have an existing tag line, which needs to form part of the logo, then please enter this here.

    If you don't have a tag line, then I'd strongly recommend that we work on creating one for you. A good tag line can often form the platform for the visual direction of the logo.

    You can request a tag-line service below.

  • This is where I need you to be descriptive and detailed as possible.

    You need to sell what you do so I can understand, to the best of my abilities, what I am designing a logo and/or brand identity for.

  • This is a refined and optimised version of above.

    Think along the lines of the Elevator Pitch: you have just a minute, or two, to enthusiastically explain, and describe, what your brand is before I exit the elevator.

  • Project Budget and Deliverables

  • The more you can afford to invest in your logos development and creation, the more depth, soul and creative flair your logo is likely to have.

    The more time we have to explore design options and directions, then the higher the likely hood we'll find that one great winning design. Additionally, more time means we can spend polishing and refining the chosen design.

    Trial and error makes up the beginning of a lot of projects. Providing me more time will result in a design that was created through a more natural organic and evolutionary process.

  • If you require other deliverables, other than the main brand logo design, then please list these here.

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