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Logo Design Transfer of Copyright Form – InDesign Template for Download

This version of my Logo Design Transfer of Copyright Form, for Download, is a minor update to this older version.

It's important to remember that Logo Design Copyright is quite a different beast to that of a Trademark, and Registered Trademark, so it's very important to know the difference between them.

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Download ZIP InDesign: Logo Design Transfer of Copyright Form



Logo Design Transfer of Copyright Form - InDesign Template for Download

What Does this Transfer of Copyright Do?

It's simply a means for you to pass over your ownership of the logo you designed for your client, to your client.

Once you have done this, then you can no longer claim ownership of that particular design.

All I do is: write my name, sign and date the section on the left, then either scan or photo it, and email it to the client. I guess I could make a digital version at some point, so it's all done online, and avoids the faff of scanning and sending emails etc.

Job done.

Should I Charge my Client for This Transfer?

Absolutely not.

Can I Modify This Form?

Feel free to use this as is, or change the layout/contents as you see fit (obviously remove all instance of my name, logo and details).


Download ZIP InDesign CC 2014: Transfer of Copyright Form



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