Brand Reversions

the result of taking two major competing brand logo designs, such as Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, and reversioning their brand names into the competing brands logo.

Brand Reversions  has been one of my favourite Side Brand Projects that I have ever put together.

The whole process also allowed me to REALLY study and appreciate each of these brand logo designs, which was rather enlightening as a freelance logo designer myself.


As seen on: Design Taxi (July 2018)Quipsologies, Design Taxi (2012), Laughing Squid, Peta PixelBusiness Insider, MyModernMet, Gizmodo

Updated: July 2018

It's been my intention, for some time now, to export all the Brand Reversion's from their original home on Tumblr, and also a seperate WordPress website, and import them all to this website.

This task has now been completed, and I'll be working on updating the various Brand Reversion's as necessary, and also creating new ones.

Brand Reversion's was put together a few years back now, so some of these are now not reflecting certain brand redesigns, and in a few cases, some have just ceased to exisit.

Some of these Brand Reversion's are obviously taking-the-piss, whilst many are very serious attempts to create this 'Alternate Brand Universe'. Hope you enjoy the results…

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