IlliadSans ‘Beta’ Trial Font – Free to Download and Try


IlliadSans Font Designed by

Fábio Duart Martins –

About IlliadSans

I first saw Illiard on Behance some months back, and with no mention of availability, I felt curious enough to email Fabio and ask what the deal was.

The deal is that right now, IlliadSans is far from complete, but does have a full compliment of lowercase characters in all 3 weights: Extra Light, Book and Black.

It lacks uppercase, diactric marks, italics and much more.

It is therefore available as an incomplete Beta font for download here on ImJustCreative. So big thanks to Fábio for being such a sport.


Download IlliadSans (all three weights) as a ZIP archive.


The deal

Hearing that it was incomplete didn’t change my mind, I still wanted to get my hands on it, and if Fábio agreed, wanted to post it along with the other fonts I have for download on this site. My reasoning to Fábio was that getting ‘live’ working feedback may be really useful. So I asked Fábio if he would still consider making it available to me for download as a early Beta trial on IJC. Specifically for those just curious or wanting to actually use it for a logo project for example. As designers, we love fonts, even if they are incomplete or only available as vector, they are still fonts.

There is also something to be said for having limited access to a font thats just not available for download any where else. We just like the fact that we are using a very ‘rare’ font and not available on every free font website known to man.

So feel free to download and give it a whirl. I do encourage you to leave feedback for Fábio if you have anything useful to add about the design etc. Even send a link if you have used it in a project, be great to see it in this regard.

Fábio also has created a few other awesome fonts, which you can see direct on his website, one of them called ‘MOO!’ This is also available for download here on IJC.



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Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2009/06/29 & Post Updated: 2017/06/01
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