1976 Montréal Olympics Logo Standards Manual


1976 Montréal Olympics Logo Standards Manual

Short and sweet selection of vintage logo and identity guidelines from the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, designed by Georges Huel and Pierre-Yves Pelletier.

It’s interesting to see that the logo was actually designed over a grid system (below), with the logo design itself representing: a podium, a running track, the letter M and the Olympic rings.



1976 Montreal Olympics Logo designed by Georges Huel


When it is impossible to enlarge the Symbol photographically, or if such enlargement is likely to affect the quality of reproduction, the Symbol must be constructed by means of a grid, according to the following instructions.

The vertical lines are each marked with a V and a number, the numbers running left to right; the horizontal lines are marked H, and numbered from bottom to top. Two radius only, AB and AC, are needed to construct the curves of the Symbol and to make the visual corrections.



1976 Montreal Olympics Logo Grid designed by Georges Huel


Just love seeing this traditional approach of logo design, and marvelling at the sheer attention to detail needed to ensure accurate logo reproduction.

Sometimes logo grids ARE crucial.

View the rest of the 1976 Montreal Olympics Logo Standards over on Flickr: 1976 Montreal Olympics Basic Logo Standards Flick Set

Here’s a small selection of additional print and design:

1976 Montreal Olympics Poster

1976 Montreal Olympics Letterhead

1976 Montreal Olympics Committee Report

1976 Montreal Olympics Trails Map


Recreated Vintage 1976 Montreal Olympic Logo Grid Poster for Download

Update: I’ve not recreate the below Olympic Symbol Grid, which you can download here: Recreated Vintage 1976 Montreal Olympic Logo Grid Poster for Download

Recreated Vintage 1976 Montreal Olympic Logo Grid Poster for Download

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