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232_MKSD_Round Medium


232 MKSD Round was designed by Masayuki Sato from Maniackers Design. It comes in the 3 above weights, Light, Medium and bold and you can download it as a Mac Truetype, Mac Postscript and Windows Truetype font file. You can download it for free via the visiting the link below.

Link Credit

Thanks to TypeGoodness for another great font find.

Font Licencing

All rights of the fonts and graphics are reserved by Maniackers Design. Maniackers Design does not have any responsibilities for losses by using the fonts. You may use both free and shareware fonts freely for noncommercial personal purposes, such as creating a logo for a personal web site, free web design materials, goods or banners.

Please contact Maniackers Design before using the fonts for commercial purposes, such as for commercial products, stores or companies logos, TV, books and magazines, or CDs. You may be charged for it.

Maniackers Design would appreciate if you send us a sample of your artwork for our reference especially in commercial use. Though Maniackers Design is ready to answer your questions, please try browsing the internet first. You could find the answers yourself. Maniackers Design might not be able to answer the questions about Windows PC because we rarely use them. Thank you,



Download 232 MKSD Round direct from

Download is via the above site, scroll down to bottom of page to locate download links for Mac Postscript, Mac Truetype and Windows Truetype.

Download More Free Fonts via IJC

Over the last few months I have been amassing a neat collection of quality free and open source fonts for download. Some are even exclusive to ImJustCreative. So head on over to Free Fonts for a looksie.

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