The Sony Vaio Logo – The Meaning Behind Sony’s Laptop Logo

Meaning behind the Sony VAIO Logo Design Meaning behind the Sony VAIO Logo Design

The Sony Vaio Logo – The Meaning Behind Sony’s Laptop Logo

Came across this enlightening example of a ‘the meaning behind…’ in the form of Sony’s Vaio logo on a Tumblr, but have re created the artwork as the original was pretty poor quality.

A quick journey to Wikipedia reveals the following information on the meaning behind the Vaio logo:

VAIO (/ˈv./) is a sub-brand used for many of Sony‘s computer products.… 

The branding was created by Timothy Hanley to distinguish items that integrate consumer audio and video with conventional computing products… 

The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology with the ‘VA’ representing an analogwave and the ‘IO’ representing a digital binary code.


fedex Logo Arrow

It’s all to easy to let things like this slip under the radar; the FedEx logo is one of the most well-known secret meaning logo “aha” moments.

The FedEx logo, designed in 1994 by Linden Leader & Landor Associates, at first appears simple and straightforward.

However, if you look at the white space between the “E” and “x” you can see a right-facing arrow.

This “hidden” arrow was intended to be a subliminal symbol for speed and precision.

How many other famous brand logos have meanings like this that we are not aware of? This is why I find me job of logo designer so fascinating, and often quite unpredictably rewarding.

The Sony Vaio Logo – The Meaning Behind Sony’s Laptop Logo

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