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Need a Logo Design? Taking On New Clients For Late October-November

I have been incredibly fortunate over the last year to have had a steady, and often quite rapid, flow of logo design work to keep me busy.

Recently I've had quite a bit of work that I couldn't show due to NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements). These were also slow-burning projects, so a little hard to predict a completion time in order to safely book in new clients.

Subsequently found myself with some free time, due to finishing these sooner than expected, which I decided to put to use on my website and logo & design blog.

As of right now (03.10.2017): I have a couple of ongoing logo design projects for two new clients:

  1. Logo & brand identity redesign for: Elevano - Consulting and Business Solutions Provider.
  2. New logo design, for: 67 Degrees - Automotive Web Designers.

Calling all Potential New Clients

It would be great to have some new clients booked in for end of this month, so if you are looking for some logo design work then I would really love to hear from you.

I am feeling really confident and enthusiastic right now, and looking forward to what the next few months may bring me.

Need a Logo Design? Contact, or Hire Me

You can contact me by telephone: 07816 527 462, email:, visit my Contact page, or boost me up on Twitter:


If you are in a position where you can commit, then you have a few options: take a look through my Hire Me page, check out my Client FAQ's, Client Testimonials and obviously my various logo Portfolios.


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