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Famous logos and brand designs simplified – Part 2

Dunkin Donuts Simple Logo

Unevolved Brands on Tumblr

Unevolved Brands Flickr Set

Part 1 of 'Famous logos and brand designs simplified' seemed to go down quite well, so here we have ten more examples of famous logos and brands simplified to just simple circles. In most cases, each major circle represents one letter.

Came across an interesting piece in one of my latest logo book purchases, 'Los Logos Compass'. There is a small section explaining when some famous brand identities are simplified to simple circles, how they can often still be recognisable.

In most cases, it's the dominant colours and wordmark shapes that create the 'Oh, I know that' without having to see the actual letters or words or detailed logo mark. It's almost like trying to view a logo though heavily squinted eyes.

It's usually the more simpler of identities and brand colours that allow us to react with familiarity, opposed to the finer and more subtle details that many logo designs rely on. View the same logos in mono and it would be practically impossible, save for the odd logos that rely on unique word and letter positioning.

See which of the brands below you can name. Answers at end of post.

Basking Robbins Simple Logo

eBay Simple Logo

7up Simple Logo

Orange Simple Logo

Unevolved Brand #20

Target Simple Logo

Flickr Simple Logo

I Love New York Simple Logo

subway Simple Logo


Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Ebay, 7 Up, Orange, Twitter, Target, Flickr, I love New York and Subway.

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