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Famous Brand Logos Redesigned in Retro 1980’s Style by FuturePunk


This brand logo project by Reddit User 'FuturePunk' is super fun. He's taken popular modern brand logo designs, and reimagined them in a 1980's retro style.

FuturePunk: I recreated some modern internet companies logos in a retro style: Part 1 and Part 2

Seems also to have taken the analogue visual style of TV back in the day, and created these in crazy neon, lens flare and other retro cliches.

Netflix is my favourite just for the awesome colour, and it's cool that he managed to get in the A-Z connection in the Amazon logo as well.


Famous Brand Logos Redesigned in Retro 1980's Style by FuturePunk


youtube-logo-retro-design google-logo-retro-design facebook-logo-retro-design reddit-logo-retro-design twitter-logo-retro-design instagram-logo-retro-design amazon-logo-retro-design

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