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The amount of hate I have seen over the last few weeks aimed at both Apple and Samsung leaves me feeling pretty sad overall. I’m now seeing blogs, that I revered and enjoyed reading, now acting with such venomous spite that it leaves me a little dry in the mouth. I think there is some element of tounge & cheek, but it’s very diluted.

Everyone now seems to be a legal and patent expert with their own thoughts on what Apple or Samsung have done or didn’t do.

Nothing wrong with some harmless speculation, but what I am seeing on some established blogs are legally incompetent bloggers aimlessly lobbing Molotov Cocktails against the other side because they have no idea how to articulate something they can’t possibly ever fully understand. All this school yard name calling is just dickish at best, irresponsible and unprofessional at worst.

I’m interested in the outcome as much as the next person, but no one truly knows what will happen at the end, least even the Judge.

Back to me

I am a long time Apple user going back to the early days of the mono Mac Classic, and I still have a Color Mac Classic sitting in my studio. I use a wicked Apple Mac Pro with recently purchased 27″ Cinema Display. 

I love what Apple has done with technological design over the last decade, and will continue to be a devoted Apple customer and will continue to buy anything that I love and is useful, or not useful, but may be just pretty to look at.

The flip side is that I have also come to love the freedom and creativeness that Android can provide, and being a designer having total freedom to use your device as YOU see fit is really rather important for me, and it’s just insanely fun.

I have only been using Android now for over a month, since the Nexus 7 came out, but I am way beyond happy with the experience, far far more than I thought I would ever be. I purchased the Nexus 7 so that I could finally familiarise myself with icon development on forthcoming logo and icon app projects, so this was initially mostly a work tool purchase

The next bit of the Android story unfolds where I was picked by Samsung and to be the VERY fortunate recipient of VIP tickets to the Olympic Ceremony, plus 3 further days experiencing the Olympics: no expense spared.

This was a blinding marketing strategy: providing 4 bloggers an opportunity to experience the Galaxy Note in a vibrant and colourful event such as the London Olympics.

I was in a VERY fortunate position to have been the recipient of both the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII during the Olympics and this was my first real experience of using a non Apple smartphone for days at a time.

The real reason for this little post is just to say that I will not be taking sides, spitting out angry and hostile hatred against one company, or another as so many other websites, blogs and individuals seem to be doing. I did partake in this myself on the odd occasion as I had absolutely NO experience of Samsung or Android, so basing your hatred on nothing now seems rather pathetic, for which I am most ashamed.

The more I see this toxic battle between Apple fans, Samsung fans, iOS and Android fans, the more I pity each and every one.

My simple experience has been that the Galaxy Note, at least for me, is a VERY capable smartphone and just turns out to be the one device out of my collection: iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy SIII and iPhone that I now use on a daily basis. This is not a declaration that my allegiance has shifted, nor that I now think the iPhone sucks as it certainly does not. It’s just that the iPhone currently sits on my kitchen table, and I haven’t yet felt a need to take it out with me.

This is just me saying that for my own personal and professional needs: the bigger screen on the Note is far easier on my eyes than the iPhone, it provides an amazing photographic experience at its core one that I do believe beats the iPhone, as well as having a fun and versatile Android OS that I love exploring and fully customising to my creative hearts content.

The New iPhone (5) may come out, and I once again, I may make a purchase, but if I do it will be because the new iPhone provides new features that are essential to me, but who knows. I’ll call that at the time.


I realise that the practicalities of buying into a different device, and platform/iOS, is a massive financial drain for the majority of us. That’s reason enough to stick with what you know, and was indeed the reason I stuck with the iPhone for so long. I was always tempted to try Android just because I am a curious sort, but the thought of spending more money on another device I didn’t need, and singing up to another contract after just finally getting out of my existing one, was not something I could never really justify.

I have been incredibly fortunate to find myself in this position of being gifted these two Samsung handsets, and the only thing I have needed to do is get a couple of Pay As You Go SIM’s in order to use them.

The least I can do is to share my experiences of Samsung, Android, Apple and iOS, and hope that this new found objectivity will be of use to some.

All that I do know now—a huge thanks to: and the amazing team of: Seb Robert, Tom Kelk, Tom Ollerton, Allison Cairns, Lauren McGregor and Lauren Wellicome; and also, of course, Samsung Mobile, specifically Damian Koh—I was given/provided with an extraordinarily generous, and eye-opening opportunity, to broaden my horizons with a different mobile platform, and for that I am exceptionally grateful.

With these wider eyes you will now see me blog and Tweet useful and interesting things about both: Apple-iOS and Samsung-Android, and trying hard to not fall into a pitiful love and hate, back and forth.

Objectivity is my goal.

Disclaimer of Sorts

Some have said that Samsung now own me, and that I am their marketing bitch. How very wrong you would be.

I have no commitment to Samsung, I am not sponsored or receive any financial gain other than being gifted the two devices to use. If I feel the need to, then I would and will talk and blog about it. If I found either of the devices to be shit, then you would have heard me say so. It just so happens, that at least for me, they are not shit and I genuinely love using the Galaxy Note. In fact my eagerness for the anticipated Note 2 borders on the excitement I feel when a new iPhone is due.

Anything you see that I Tweet or blog about Android, Samsung, Apple or iOS is off my own back, and because I feel I have something useful or important to share, and not because I sold my soul. Equally I don’t have a quota of nice things to say about Samsung and Android as so directed by Samsung to fulfil.

If you really think that, then I pity your cynical little soul.


Written by: Graham Smith: The Logo Smith
1st Posted: 2012/08/15 & Post Updated: 2016/09/14
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