Swissair Logo Designs and SAirGroup from 1931 through to 2002

Swissair Logo Grid Poster Mockup Horizontal

Swissair Logo Designs from 1931 through to 2002

Swissair Logo Designs from 1931 through to 2002 is a jam-packed collection of logo designs, promotional materials and poster designs throughout the last century.

Worth noting that this post was last updated in 2002, which was prior to the last Swissair logo redesign, which I’m frankly not a fan of.

This was my favourite of the ‘relatively’ recent Swissair logos:

The post I’m referencing from isn’t really a full evolution of the Swissair logo; it’s more a jam-packed-potted-history of various aspects of the Swissair brand and company as a whole.

I’ve picked out the key images from the post, and put them up with the relevant date. The text after the heading has been lifted directly from this post, and I’ve indented each instance thereof.

I love this post, as the author, Patrick Eberhard, has included little side-profile images of the planes from each decade (below), with the relevant Swissair logo and livery. Totes cute.

Vintage Swissair Logo

Please visit the original post to view the images separately, and to read Patrick’s commentary on each evolution of the logo

Let’s begin…

Swissair Logos 1931

In the first couple of years Swissair did not have standardised Logos, but rather many different ones. They also were not always Swissair, but wore different titles such as Swiss Air Lines, Switzerland etc.

Here some of the Logos used during these early days of Swissair…

Swissair Logos 1931 

Swissair Logos 1940’s

Vintage Swissair Logos 1940s

Swissair Logos 1950’s & Swissair Signet

Swissair Signet statement Ruedi Bircher


Swissair Logos 1950s

Swissair Logo Designs 1960’s

Swissair Logo Designs 1981-2002


Swissair Logos 1981-2002

Swissair Logo grid and guide 1981-2002

The SAirGroup Logo 1997

SAirGroup Logo

Swissair Qualiflyer Logo

Swissair Qualiflyer Logo

Other Swissair Related Logos

Experimental Swissair Logo Designs

Some experimental Swissair logos that were never used in the end.

Experimental Swissair Logo Designs

If you visit Patrick’s original post, each of these logo thumbnails below, if clicked, will produce a much larger version:

Swissair Logos 2000s

Swissair Logo Grid Recreated for Download

As a little bonus for getting this far, I quickly recreated the Swissair Logo Grid in Illustrator, which you can download should you wish… I didn’t add the lettering, or the hole-punch holes.

It’s just a no frills Adobe Illustrator .ai file, but ping me if you need another file format, and I’ll add it to the download.

Swissair Logo Grid Guide Recreated by The Logo Smith

Mock-up Credit: The Poster Mock-up (below) I used is a free one, from they also bundle a vertical version within the download.