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Further to my post last week, AlotVine Steals My AV Logo & Uses It To Make Money, it turns out that AlotVine used the infamous website, to pay a ‘logo designer’ $5 for my AV logo. Yes, you heard that right: a logo designer on appropriated/stole my AV Logo, in it’s complete unamended form, and sold it onto ALotVine.

Now this clearly places Fiverr, the logo designer in question, AND ALotVine in a very tricky situation, as I still demand full payment for my AV logo.

I sort of understand the position that AlotVine finds themselves in, as they apparently didn’t outright ‘steal’ my logo, but they are still using a logo design that is NOT their property, no matter how legitimately they believe they came about it.

So, I will partially take-back my initial accusation that AlotVine ‘intentially’ stole my logo, but the fact remains: they ARE using my logo without my permission. I don’t care that they believe they have already paid for the logo, they haven’t paid me.

One still has to question the questionable business decision to use a design on Fiverr to brand a VERY popular Youtube company, one that simply makes alot of money off other peoples’ Vine video’s.

I would like to see both Fiverr and the logo designer being sued in some form or another, be it AlotVine or myself. Watch this space…

AV-Logo-Design-by-Graham-Logo-SmithAV VA logomark 1 for Sale designed by Graham Smith copy


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