Bulging Sack of Brand Identity Guideline Resources

I love me some Brand Identity Guideline Resources and you will see that in the past I have featured a variety of such brand book guidelines covering: 

I keep searching for other prime examples of branding books, corporate guidelines, identity guides, and through out these searches I often stumble across some nice examples, but not examples that provide the WOW factor.

The WOW factor is more of personal opinion rather than a scientific method of assessing WOW from NON-WOW, but usually based on what I also feel other people will take note of.

The Bulging Sack of Brand Identity Guideline Resources is a collection of branding and identity guidelines resources that I have collected over time that will hopefully keep you busy for a short while. A few are a few years old, and you have likely seen around, but I also think a few could be new to you.

Massive thanks to Sasha Agapov @agapov for reaching out to me, and sending me CISCO, Best Buy and Ford brand guideline.

Bulging Sack of Brand Guideline Resources

The Oxfam Brand Book

Download The Oxfam Brand Guidelines

The Jamie Oliver Brand Book

Download Jamie Oliver Brand Guidelines Book

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Manual

View more photos of the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Manual
Found via Swiss Legacy

The Best Buy Brand Book

Download the Best Buy Brand Guidelines

The Ford Brand Book

Download the Best Buy Brand Guidelines

The Barbican Brand Guidelines

Download The Barbican Brand Guidelines
Found via AisleOne

The FearNet Brand Book

Download The FearNet Brand Book

The Easy Group Brand Manual

Download The easyGroup Brand Manual
Found via LogoDesignLove

Apple Identity Guidelines

Download Apple Identity Guidelines

The BBC GEL Styleguide

Download the BBC GEL Style Guide

Seagate Corporate Style Guide

Download the Seagate Corporate Style Guide

Vintage McDonalds Specification Manual

View more on Vintage McDonalds Specification Manual

The Propellerhead Brand Manual

Download the Propellerhead Brand Manual

The F-Secure Brand Identity Guidelines

Download the F-Secure Brand Identity Guidelines

The Skittles Brand Book

Download the Skittles Brand Book
Found via Couldal

Other Brand Guideline Resources

So as well as all those don’t forget I have featured the following brands on imjustcreative: Skype, I Love New YorkFourSquare, Adobe, Sony VaioCISCO, Santa Claus, The Nazis and even Vintage NASA (part 1 & part 2).

Buy a Brand Book?

If you have some spare dosh you could head over to Blanka and buy some printed brand books with brands such as First Direct, Barbican and RAC.

Brand Guideline Links

Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites – Smashing Magazine

Guidelines And Standards Manuals – IdentityWorks

Brand Identity – Computer Arts

List of Corporate Brand Guidelines – DesignersTalk

Single Page Logo Guideline Template – imjustcreative

Four Page Logo Guideline Template – imjustcreative

Online Brand Guidelines

Some companies don’t feel the need to create a brand book and so create a simpler online version. Penguin Logo Guidelines is one such example.

Brand Guideline Books

These are a few books on brand identity that I can highly recommend after having read them myself.

Book Overview: Brand Identity Essentials by Rockport

Logo Design Love by David Airey

Designing Brand Identity byAlina Wheeler

Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook by Wally Olins

On B®and by Wally Olins

The New Guide to Identity by Wolff Olins

Bonus Branding Book

The Pepsi brand book is really good for a giggle. Have to wonder what planet the design team/person was on when this was conceptualised, but regardless of home planet they certainly have a wicked sense of humour. Practical joke time.

Download the Pepsi Brand Book





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