Humanofied Brands

Real Brands; Real Human Names. Silly Brand Side Project with a Stupid Name.

Taking an existing real-life brand name, and replacing it with a human name.

Humanofied Brands (couldn't even think of a super awesome project name) is a silly side project. I've needed something to fill the void after working on both: Brand Reversions, and Unevolved Brands, so many years ago now.

The best idea I could come up with for a 'fun' side project, and to best of my knowledge not done before, is replacing real brand names with human names

However. Not just ANY human name. I set myself certain restrictions and rules: mostly that the human name must start with the same brand initial, and the 2nd letter, and if possible the 3rd letter. After that? Well, it's just a free-for-all.


Additionally, trying to find a human name that has similar sounds, syllables etc, but trying not to sound like a like-for-like human replacement. A name that also  might just make one smirk a little.

One that makes me smirk is, Target vs Travis, but that's just my silly sense of humour. For BP, i might just end up using BobFacebook probably will be, Fairbanks, etc.

Incidentally, I've been using female and male names. Not so much a choice, just choosing one that I think best suits the brand.

This is a brand new project, as of 2nd August , 2017, so I'll be updating this page in due course. I'll also be uploading to a dedicated Instagram account, Pinterest etc.