Vintage 80’s TV Show Action Figure Brand Logo Designs by Reagan Ray



This mega collection of Vintage 80’s TV Show Action Figure Brand Logo Designs, curated by Reagan Ray, has left me utter speechless.

Reagan Ray has created an utterly exhaustive collection of these 1980’s Action Figure packaging logos in a neat and tidy blog post collection, and it is somewhat bewildering to see so many in one place.

Many of the TV shows I do recall, but there so many that I don’t have any recollection of, not just in the logos, but the actual TV shows themselves.

What a time to have been a designer, literally hand drawing all these type base designs, so much fun!

Vintage 80’s TV Show Action Figure Brand Logo Designs by Reagan Ray

Head over to Reagan’s website to see the entire collection: 80s Action Figure Logos

Just to note: I have picked out a handful of examples for this blog post, expanded the background areas of them using Photoshop’s black magic Content-Aware Fill thing, and enlarged them to 900px wide.

If I have time, I may do the same to more of them, and update this post with them.

These really are a glorious feast for your creative eyes…


super-powers-action-figure-brand-logo-design zybots-action-figure-brand-logo-design magnum-pi-action-figure-brand-logo-design the-dukes-of-hazard-action-figure-brand-logo-design gi-joe-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design the-real-ghostbusters-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design knight-rider-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design mega-force-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design over-the-top-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design police-adademy-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design pocket-super-heroes-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design start-trek-the-next-generation-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design team-america-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design defenders-of-the-earth-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design automan-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design action-force-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design a-team-80s-action-figure-brand-logo-design


Reagan Ray: “Although there were a ton of figures made in the 80s, I found that a majority were knockoffs.

When anything became popular, some other toy maker tried to get a piece of it (Who you gonna call? Spook Chasers!).

I felt like this blog post was just the tip of the rabbit hole, though. I could read a 500 page book right now on the evolution of G.I. Joe. and I’d happily kickstart a coffee table book with a complete toy archive of Kenner or Mattel.

There seems to be so much to unpack here, but for now enjoy these 80s action figure logos.”