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Initials, Logotype

BuySellAds BSA Logo Designed by Freelance Logo & Visual Designer The Logo Smith

A complete logo overhaul and redesign for popular and long standing ad company,, as well as adding BuySellAdsPro (BSAPro) to the family.


The client requested a mostly typographic solution for the BSA logo redesign, so I ended up focusing on the core word: Ads, and used this initial ‘A’ to form a identifying logo mark for the logo.


This approach also then provides us with a simple solution to the website favicon as well as possible mobile phone application icons in the future.


BuySellAds Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

buysellads logo design by the logo smith


BuySellAds Website

buysellads website


Client Testimonial

“Working with Graham was great. He’s well organized and stuck to the timeline.


We had tried working with about 4 other identity designers before Graham for the same project.


He bought a unique approach to the project that ultimately left us with an identity we (and our users) are incredibly happy with.


We just wish we’d worked with Graham (The Logo Smith) from the very start; we’d saved ourselves a heck of a lot of money, time and stress if we had done so.”


About BuySellAds

Our first customer was our founder. After trying to monetize his website, he realized how complex and unfair the world of digital advertising was for publishers.


Since then, it’s been our mission to build monetization tools that we would use ourselves.


Our solutions give publishers control over revenue decisions by promoting transparent relationships with advertisers. The world’s best publishers drive profit through our Marketplace, Native Performance Network, and Enterprise solutions.


We also connect relevant marketers with curated, passionate publisher audiences at scale. More than 4,500 advertisers grow their companies through our native, display, email, and sponsored content placements.

BuySellAds Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

Logo & Brand Identity Design by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith.
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