Client Testimonials

Selection of Client Testimonials: Some of these Testimonials are for Logo Design Projects, whereas some are for the larger scope of Logo & Brand Identity Design Projects: Website design, Stationery & Signage Design, Corporate Guidelines, etc.

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UHX Universal Healthcoin Logo & Icon Design

cUHX Universal Healthcoin and Cryptocurrency Blockchain Exchange Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

UHX Universal Healthcoin Logo & Icon Design

Client Testimonial: “Graham was super professional, very easy to work with, and didn’t leave any creative stone unturned.


He put many hours into our project to help us find the perfect identity for our business.


I highly recommend him.”


Courtney Jones – CEO –

Pure Storage – Logo & Brand Identity Design

Client Testimonial for Pure Storage Logo & Brand Identity Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith
Client Testimonial: “We struggled for months and months to create an identity for Pure Storage that represented our culture and vision, and that would work both digitally and physically on our hardware product.


After literally wearing-out several other designers, in a sheer act of desperation I found a crazy gentleman online in the UK, and on a whim paid him up-front to see if he could succeed where others had failed.


Well, hiring Graham was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made…he spent the time and really cared to understand Pure Storage, and fought through it with us till the end to create something that instantly became an enduring symbol of the Pure Storage brand.


Graham only does one thing, but he does it really, really well.”


Matt Kixmoeller –

Abacus InsuranceLogo & Brand Identity Design

Client Testimonial for Abacus Insurance Logo & Brand Identity Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer
Client Testimonial: Abacus Insurance approached Graham at a pivotal time for our company. We struggled with conflicting opinions about how to best position our business and unique software platform in the insurance marketplace. And what direction we should be taking to continue our growth.


Before starting on the logo design process, Graham helped us tremedously by firstly getting us to focus on a core message. For Graham, it was clear this was not just about designing a logo for us, but also help us define our new brand, something we had not expected as part of the initial project scope.


We needed a new logo and brand identity design that would convey in a simple way exactly what we stand for. The concept of “Insurance Intelligently Delivered” has been our driving force ever since. We have rallied our employees, business partners, and customers around that phrase. And it is our continued call to excellence.


Graham’s logo design process, and meticulous attention to detail, created for us a logo and branding that has far exceeded our expectations.


I believe it accurately represents the uniqueness of our business. And will continue to do so for many years to come.”


Kevin Lewin – Abacus Insurance

CodetipiLogo Design

Codetipi Premium WordPress Theme Designer and Developer Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

Client Testimonial: “Graham truly is a logo smith! I have to admit the brief wasn’t the easiest, and this lead to some heated exchanges.


But I trusted Graham and we worked through it all and thanks to his amazing talent and professionalism, boy did he deliver!


The visual identity that The Logo Smith designed for me, is exactly what I wanted and more!


Thank you Graham!”



Black Vanilla GelateriaLogo & Brand Identity Design

Black Vanilla Boutique Bakery and Gelateria Logo and Brand Identity Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith

Client Testimonial: “Well, what can we say: a job fantastically well done! You should be feeling very happy right now as we are overjoyed with the final version it has really exceeded all our expectations. The only other occasions I have said this was looking at both my newborn girls.


Thank you for all your help and patience and always being so very versatile.  We were so surprised to have someone so willing to go the extra mile to make sure it was just right (a quality which is hard to find with designers).  But your patience and hard work has paid off and I think that we are onto a winner here.


Great job, but would not really expect much less from you! Cheers from Jeremy & Susan.”


Jeremy & Susan Stretch

HomeAlivePetsLogo & Brand Identity Design

Client Testimonial for HomesAlive HomesAlivePets Logo & Brand Identity Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer

Client Testimonial: “Graham is the most legitimate logo designer I have ever met. His discovery process is thorough to ensure that he understands your brand so that he can symbolize your identity in a very simple way.


We hired Graham to modify our logo rather than create a brand new one, but he has helped us clarify our brand image, which has been imperative for us as we grow and communicate with out customers.


If I ever need a logo designed for anything, I would hire Graham again, and I would not hesitate recommending him.”


Evan Ropp – HomesAlivePets

MoleseyCoLogo & Mascot Design

Client Testimonial for MoleseyCo Dog Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer

Client Testimonial: “Graham worked to develop a brand logo mark and visual identity, for my new business.


I was impressed with his understanding of the brief, but also how he helped to shape the development of the brand idea, and my own thoughts throughout the process.


He was genuinely interested in creating the right solution for me and very much immersed himself in what I was trying to achieve.


I am very happy with the result, and would not hesitate to work with Graham again in the future.”


Lidia Mackow-McGuireMolsesey Co

SifterappLogo Design & Letterpress Cards

Client Testimonial for SifterApp Logo & App Icon Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith

“Working with Graham was a complete pleasure.


Not only did he help guide us through some thorough exploration, but once things started to come together, he continued to work exhaustively perfecting our identity.


This included all of the variations that a modern visual identity needs, so that it was polished: consistent, and recognizable across all of the mediums that the Sifter logo design will be used.”


Garret Dimon –

The Free Help GuyLogo Design

Client Testimonial for The Free Help Guy Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer

“If Jesus was a Logo Designer…”


Screenshot of email sent by The Free Help Guy, when I asked for a testimonial. Couldn’t make this up…


Tom –

ADXPRSLogo & Brand Identity Design

Client Testimonial for ADXRPS Advertising and Design Express Production System Logo and Brand Identity Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith

“First, I have to commend Graham for his great online marketing strategy.


His name popped up several times while I was searching the endless pool of international talent. Managing to get on top of the Google organic search list, in such a saturated category, is a success story of its own.”


In terms of the logo design, Graham was able to develop an idea that was truly descriptive of what ADXPRS is all about. Not only that, but the logo design itself, at least on the surface, looks remarkely clean and simple. Yet, that logo mark is full of relevant and associated visual connections.


Once Graham showed his logo process of how he got to the idea, it all made perfect sense.


Logo animation was the next step, so we have since had the logo fully animated, and we couldn’t be happier.”


Kinan Ismail –

T-Shirt ExpressLogo Design

T-Shirt Express T-Shirt Printers Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith

“It is generally good business sense to do what you can with the resources you have available at hand.


It’s better business sense to realize when what you have isn’t up to the task. When it came time to have a new logo created, I knew that nothing but a professional hand would suffice. Graham Smith has been nothing but professional.


Starting with his style and talent, and following through to his communication and timely-ness, we could not have been better served than in our choice to hire Graham to conceive and deliver our fantastic new logo and visual identity.


Thanks Graham!”


Drew McCoy – T-Shirt Express

Excedr: Equipment LeasingLogo Design

Excedr Product Leasing Logo Designed by The Logo Smith

“From the beginning, I knew I was working with a top-notch, forward-thinking visual identity designer.


Despite having only communicated through email, Graham effortlessly grasped our team’s vision and consistently provided us with keen design insights.


He seamlessly incorporated our business’ core values into each aspect of the project, resulting in a visual identity we are incredibly pleased with.


Graham exceeded our expectations every step of the way and even provided on-going support after the project had officially ended.


Graham’s creative prowess and thoughtful customer service are unmatched. I can’t recommend him enough.


Andrew Chee –

Damien Hottelier: Swiss Legal FirmLogo Design

Damien Hottelier Legal Lawyer Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Visual Identity Designer

“I can only say one thing: I am delighted with my new visual identity.


With the price in mind, the result was definitely worth it. The image has fully conformed with my intentions and I couldn’t have dreamt for better.


If you need to use a logo designer’s services, I would strongly advise you to go with The Logo Smith.


In my opinion, he is one of the best freelance logo designs in the sector.” Read Full Testimonial


Damien Hottelier –

DemandCueLogo Design

DemandCue Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer
“Graham is a consultative, detail-oriented & talented designer. I am thrilled with the work that he has done for our company.


After reviewing several of Graham’s preliminary designs it became clear that we had initially set out along the wrong creative path.


However, sensing that I was not pleased with how things were going at the time, Graham went back to the drawing board and came up with a new set of designs that better captured our corporate identity.


He then took the time to complete the vision, all the while striking the right balance between owning the creative process and incorporating my feedback.


His thoughtfulness, versatility & commitment to achieving first-class results are refreshing. I would recommend his logo services to organizations of all sizes.


In the end he delivered a final design that exceeded our expectations.


Geoffrey Mugliston – DemandCue

Joomla Bamboo Logo Design

“Usually when two designers get together you can expect a little conflict in terms of design direction, but working with The Logo Smith was incredibly seamless.


I had a good idea of what I wanted for the redesign of the Joomla Bamboo Logo, but Graham made it infinitely better.


The final product shows his impeccable knowledge and sensitivity to typefaces – he ended up combining two – while the logo highlights his flare for creating minimal and yet powerful vector logos that help to convey the core essence of your business in a seemingly effortless way.


We absolutely loved the final result.


Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Logo Smith to anyone else needing a logo design.”


Anthony OIsen –

EU Recruit Logo Design

EU Recruitment European Recruit Logo Designed by Freelance Logo & Visual Designer The Logo Smith
“Graham was very responsive to our feedback throughout the logo design process, so it felt like a positive collaboration.


We absolutely loved the final result. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham to anyone else needing a logo design.”


Chantal Yeung –

BuySellAds (BSA)Logo Design

BuySellAds BSA Logo Designed by Freelance Logo & Visual Designer The Logo Smith
“Working with Graham was great. He’s well organized and stuck to the timeline.


We had tried working with about 4 other identity designers before Graham for the same project.


He bought a unique approach to the project that ultimately left us with an identity we (and our users) are incredibly happy with.


We just wish we’d worked with Graham (The Logo Smith) from the very start; we’d saved ourselves a heck of a lot of money, time and stress if we had done so.”


Todd Garland –

Keyboard Kahuna – Logo Design Process

Keyboard Kahuna Logo Designed by Freelance Logo & Visual Designer The Logo SmithChoosing a logo designer can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. I scoured numerous online portfolio sites trying to find logos that appealed to me to narrow down the list of designers I would contact for a proposal.”


When I stumbled upon Graham’s portfolio I immediately knew that I’d found my guy. The logos in his portfolio all have a very distinctive look and feel to them without being uniform in any way. His work has exactly the style I was looking for for my logo.


The design process from my end was actually very laid back. After I had sent my brief to Graham and we had discussed the details via Skype, all I had to do was crack my whip and Graham would jump through the hoops as told. Seriously though, he didn’t really need all that much guidance from me.


I think he knew pretty much right from the start what I was looking for. His first couple of design drafts already pointed in the general direction we later took. And the final result is a perfect match for what I had in mind.


Overall, working with Graham was fun and inspiring and I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a truly unique and professional identity design.”


Thomas Borowski – Keyboard Kahuna

Sam Bhogal Photography Logo Design in Process


“I genuinely admire and am left inspired by your portfolio. I have searched far and wide across the internet for logo designers, and have browsed through countless websites which all become easily forgettable once you click on to the next one.


I only reached out to a very small handful of individuals and one of those included you. Your work stands out and your attention to detail is insanely phenomenal. This really resonates with myself as someone who values this.


What strikes me most about your work is your composition. I can see how you have gone to painstakingly great lengths to achieve a balance and finely poised composition in your work.


The average joe would probably never see this composition or balance – I guess this is perhaps an element of my photographic eye coming through.


If logo designers had world class competitions, you’d be THE winner!”


Sam Bhogal


Chantal Yeung –