DemandCue Logo Designed by Freelance Logo Designer The Logo Smith Freelance Logo Designer

New Logo for DemandCue, designed by The Logo Smith

This logo design utilised a highly stylised set of initials, specially staggered horizontal lines to form the D & C in the DemandCue name.

About DemandCue

DemandCue’s artificial intelligence technology automatically transforms noisy, unstructured social data streams into a format that is useful for statistical forecasting purposes.

With DemandCue’s data feeds and statistical modeling tools, investment analysts can achieve an edge over other market participants by unlocking leading indicators of firm-level, industry-level and macroeconomic metrics.


DemandCue logo design

DemandCue logo design

DemandCue logo design  DemandCue logo design

Client Testimonial

“Graham is a consultative, detail-oriented & talented designer. I am thrilled with the work that he has done for our company.

After reviewing several of Graham’s preliminary designs it became clear that we had initially set out along the wrong creative path. However, sensing that I was not pleased with how things were going at the time, Graham went back to the drawing board and came up with a new set of designs that better captured our corporate identity.

He then took the time to complete the vision, all the while striking the right balance between owning the creative process and incorporating my feedback.

His thoughtfulness, versatility & commitment to achieving first-class results are refreshing. I would recommend his logo services to organizations of all sizes.

In the end he delivered a final design that exceeded our expectations.”

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DemandCue Logo Design by The Logo Smith