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Logo Design Tips – Who is the Decision Maker?

This, the third in a series of 'to the point' posts where I focus on one aspect of logo design offering ideas, things to consider and implement. The idea of these posts is to keep waffle down to a minimum, just focus on the essentials of improving your logo and identity design process.

Logo Design Tips - Who is the Decision Maker?

This post I will touch on one specific question you should included in your brief. It's one thing to design a nice looking logo, a logo that seems to do the trick from where you stand and even from where the client stands. You can both sit down, look at the design and think, "Gosh, what a lovely looking logo, everyone will sure love this."

And that's fine. It's great. It's nice for the ego and for the portfolio.


Is it suitable? What I mean is. Is it suitable for the clients that your client will be working with?

For example. I am working on a logo for a female interior office designer in Saudia Arabia. She specialises in designing office and lobby interiors. One thing to create a lovely looking logo, that has a her name in a pretty font, and looks all designery.

But is it really suitable for her specific clientele?

Dig deep

What we also need to know before we start designing is finding out who are her clients decision makers. Who makes the decision to hire her for example. Once she is hired, who makes the decision to approve her ideas? Are they mostly male or are they female for example.Are they also of a creative disposition? Or are they stuffy board members?

Bearing aware of the gender issues, and also geographically in this case, being Saudi, is crucial to designing a logo that is appropriate for her, your client.

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