The Logo Smith: Freelance Logo, Brand Identity, and Graphic Design Studio.

25 Years Experience, in: Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Commercial Print, Digital Printing, Reprogaphics, Advertising & Marketing.

Hire The Logo Smith — for your Professionally Designed Custom Logo, and Brand Identity Design.

Monomarks: individual Logomarks, Icons & Symbols displayed in glorious Techniblack.

About The Logo SmithFreelance Logo Designer & Design Studio.

The Logo Smith is a Freelance Logo Designer & Graphic Design Studio, also providing Technlogy PR, IoT (Internet of Things) PR & Smart Home PR Services.

The Logo Smith been very fortunate to work with clients all over the world, who've been quoted as saying they had hired him for his ability to design: clean, meaningful, minimal, unique & adaptable: custom logo designs, brand identities & tag-lines.

An exceptionally broad and diverse set of creative, and technical (trouble-shooting) skills, accumulated over 25 years of Commercial Industry Experience, in: Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Commercial Print, Digital Print, Reprogaphics, Advertising & Marketing.

The Logo Smith is able to provide the following, Creative and Technical Services:

Custom Logo Design; Graphic Design; Tag Lines, Logo & Brand Identity Redesigns; Graphic Standards Manuals, Logo Style Guides; Business Stationery; iOS Application Icons; Brand Consultation; Typography; Secure WordPress Installs, WordPress Theme Customisation; Web Site Hosting; SEO & Social Media Consultation; and PR Services: Tech, IoT (Internet of Things) & Smarthome Public Relations.

This website (with very ongoing Logo Case Studies, a thrilling Portfolio, useful Design Blog, fabulous Client Testimonials, important Client FAQ's, and a hoard of Logos for Sale), is to showcase: the colourful and varied selection of creative projects that The Logo Smith has had the pleasure of working on over two decades of being a multi-disciplinary Graphic & Freelance Logo Designer.

Sam Bhogal - Photographer

"I genuinely admire and am left inspired by your logo design portfolio. Your logo design work stands out and your attention to detail is insanely phenomenal. What strikes me most about your work is your composition: you have gone to painstakingly great lengths to achieve balance and finely poised composition in your work."

Matt Kixmoeller - Pure Storage

“Well, hiring a freelance logo designer, such as The Logo Smith, was one of the best decisions that we've ever made... he spent the time, and really cared to understand Pure Storage, and fought through it with us till the end…"

Damien Hottelier - Lawyer

“If you need to use a logo designers services, I would strongly advise you to go with The Logo Smith. In my opinion, he is one of the best freelancers in the sector."

Garret Dimon - Sifter

“Not only did The Logo Smith help guide us through some thorough exploration, but once things started to come together, he continued to work exhaustively perfecting our identity."