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Not a new article from LogoLounge, but I feel December 2010 is a good time to look back at Bill Gardeners Logo Trends for 2010 article.

I have always been a bit weirded out with the whole concept of trends in logo design. I did touch on this quite some time back, but worth highlighting again.

The very nature of trends is that they are just that, something that lives brightly for a while, then typically withers away once a new trend has taken hold.

We see examples of trends in logo designs all over the place and once that has died out, then the logo and brand dies with it. Any chance of that particular logo being embraced as timeless is all but gone. You only need flick through the first few volumes of LogoLounge to see how many are already so very dated.

Trends are not all bad

That's not to say a logo design heavily based on a trend at a time has no chance of surviving years down the line, but I feel it does limit the overall chances.

It's also common for some logo designs to be a temporary fixture, a sporting event or some once in a lifetime exhibition or just a new product that is expected to have a short shelf life. All these can and will benefit from designing with current trends.

Trends can consume

It's crucial that when you have a client project for someone or some company that expects to be around years from now, use the influence of logo trends with caution.

Timeless yet trendy?

Trends in logo design is somewhat of a oxymoron. We all talk about timeless logo designs. Trying to achieve that relatively rare moment when you look at something and know in your heart that this design has a good chance to be alive and kicking many years down the line. Precisely because it was not consumed by the trending trend at the time. It may have been influenced, but the overriding design is not dependent on that trend.

If you want to be really cynical, designing with current trends in mind is a bit of a easy way out.

So to be fixated by trends to the degree that you design your logos around it is a mighty fail in my book. Sure, at the time you may get adulation and applause for such a cool logo, but see where you are a year or two down the line. Designing with trends as the main goal is potentially letting your client down big time.

It will be interesting to see how some of these logos mentioned by Bill Gardner are in a few years.

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