Susan Kare: Apple Macintosh Icon Prints by The Original Apple Icon Designer

I have previously linked to these Apple Macintosh icon prints by Susan Kare (Kare Prints) on previous occasions.

I was was reminded of them again as I came to find some prints for my studio:

And well, these prints just sum up how I remembering spending my late teens playing with my friends Apple Macintosh Classic, and Commodore 64 of course, and they deserve a constant presence in the spot-light.

For those that didn’t know: Susan Kare is a gifted designer

Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons

“a pioneering and influential computer icongrapher…”, originally tasked with creating the first graphical icons for the Apple Macintosh as well as many other leading software companies.

There is a wonderful selection of these limited edition, and numbered, Apple Macintosh icon prints available for sale in four sizes.

I have ordered several for my newly decorated studio and will have them hanging over my desk.

There is a special affinity to a certain icon: Clarus the DogCow, there is even a special online museum dedicated to Clarus:

Clarus, the Dogcow: Moof Museum
Dogcow Essential facts: Clarus is a virtual small animal, a sort of genetic hybrid between a Dog and a Cow (a Dogcow). Clarus was born in 1983 in Apple Labs during the Macintosh creation under the pen of Susan Kare.
At that time she lived in Cairo font but she has an archaic form and no name. Then in 1986 she mutate (in Printing Labs) to become the pixel creature that show user the printing settings for LaserWriter printers.
Since 1986 she was recognize as "Clarus the Dogcow" and soon become the mascott of the DTS Apple Team.
In 2004 she totally disappears from Macintosh and Apple Inc.

Susan Kare: Apple Macintosh Icon Prints

Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons
Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons
Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons
Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons

Inside Susan Kare’s sketchbooks are the makings of Mac’s graphic interfaces

Paste Icon Sketch
Brush Icon Sketch

Some of the Macintosh icons Susan famously crafted for Apple, Inc.

Apple Macintosh Icons

About Susan Kare

Wikipedia: Susan Kare, born February 5, 1954, is an artist and graphic designer who created many of the interface elements and typefaces for the Apple Macintosh in the 1980s.

She was also Creative Director (and one of the original employees) at NeXT, the company formed by Steve Jobs after he left Apple in 1985. She has worked for Microsoft, IBM, Pinterest and Facebook.