Completed logo design project for UK based online business directory called Tucando: to create a distinctive and colourful logo mark for the Tucando website, based obviously on a Toucan,


Tucando.com is a free business and social network that will use geo sat technology to allow  its users to find free money off vouchers anywhere and download them to phones or any device.


When using tucando you will have the option to create a great free business page and submit it to the tucando directory and search engines and edit vouchers for personal users to find




You will be able to create a great looking social page, link to friends, share feeds, choose businesses to get their feeds, search for vouchers and download them and send EMOJI (Emos are cartoon characters, expressing an emotion) to friends.


Once the indiegogo campaign is over we will send contributors an email letting you be the first to try out the new social pages and voucher search system.




The Working House


Yasmin Kianfar