Exploration of Scalable & Responsive Logo Designs by Joe Harrison

Responsive Logo Designs: Chanel, Coca Cola, Nike Air, Bang & Olufsen, Disney


Exploration of Scalable & Responsive Logo Designs by Joe Harrison

Just when you might have been wondering when the next cool logo design project was going to surface: Responsive Logo Designs pops up to show us there are still novel, practical and fun ways to experiment with popular brand logos.

Responsive Logo Designs is a really smart and cool logo and web project by Joe Harrison (@joe_harrison): “A exploration into scalable logos for the modern web.”, and shows us how brand logos belonging to: Coca-Cola, Chanel, Nike, Bang & Olufsen, Disney and Levi’s might, one-day, work responsively.

This concept of creating scalable and/or responsive logos shows us how popular brand logos can be effectively and considerately reproduced, on the responsive web, and in general, a mobile friendly environment.

In each of these responsive logo designs the logo goes through a sequence of ‘shrinking stages’, creating a new logo lock-up for each new reduced browser window size. With each reduction in the browser width, the new logo lock-up effectively keeps true to the original brand identity, and it’s values.

Bang and Olufsen Responsive Logo Design

I particularly like the Bang & Olufsen example (above), but if I were to nit-pick: I’m not sure Bang & Olufsen would be so happy with the shrinking of their brand name to: BNG&OLFSN.

I would imagine in this case there would be a requirement to keep the brand name intact, or simply remove it, thus eliminating one of the responsive steps.

But, as a possible concept for brands to consider, I really think there is potential for companies to consider how their logo, particularly a wide logo design, might be responsively handled. 

It’s a very small concern, but it’s those tiny tiny details that can really show a brand does actually does ‘sweat the small stuff’.