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Logo type design for London based corporate consultants, LaveryPennell.com

Typeface based on NewJohnstonMedium with modifications to letters: l, a, e, y, p and n. Some of the adjustments include: the alteration of the y to match the slant (indicated as orange lines below) of the forward slash used to separate the two surnames, which also now matches the slants on the l, a, and e. I also created a faux ligature with the 2 final l’s.


laverypennel logo specs laverypennell stationery design laverypennell logo initials laverypennell logo design reverse laverypennell logo design

Logo designer for hire

Looking to Hire a Logo Designer?

If you like the Logo & Brand Identity Design work I have done in my Portfolio, and Monomarks, and are looking to hire yourself a Highly Talented, and Super Experienced (27 Years), Logo and Brand Identity Designer, then look no further.

Visit my Hire Me page, and fill in the short Design Brief, or just reach out to me via my even shorter Contact Form.

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