Mindblowing Hypercompact Logo And Blinding Animation Thereof

Hypercompact logo design

Mindblowing Hypercompact Logo by Morgan Allan Knutson

If you are absolutely loving this incredible logo for Hypercompact.com, designed by Morgan Allan Knutson, then you will absolubloodylutely love this (below) animation of it, created by Igor Ginzburg.

You need to check how this Hypercompact logo has evolved from it’s first inception on Dribbble as well.

hypercompact from Igor Ginzburg on Vimeo.

Me and my friend Evgeny Skidanov are really inspired by the awesome logotype which has been developed by Morgan Allan Knutson (http://dribbble.com/shots/413803-Get-your-wings). And we could not to resist to create own animated version of the logo to apply 3D and motion effects and to show it in a slightly different perspective.

Because we just love to create various animated 3D logotypes with a maniac attention to each pixel. By the way this version of the logo can be used not only in the video presentations but also on the website as animated gif.

I hope you enjoy our version of the logo, we have made it just for fun in our spare time.


2D logotype developing: Morgan Allan Knutson
3D modeling and visualization: Evgeny Skidanov
Animation and composting: Igor Ginzburg
Sound design: Yuiry Ginzburg