Experience (Not Art School) Taught Me My Greatest Tool Is Myself

There is this image (below), that can be found ALL OVER the internet (see various sources here: http://smith.gl/13xtXOi), that originally had quoted as saying:

“Art School Taught Me That My Greatest Tool Is Myself.”


art school taught me that my greatest tool is myself

Whilst I agree with the end bit, I find the Art School bit a little narrow focused, so I decided to append the message to: Art School Experience Taught Me That My Greatest Tool Is Myself.

Incidentally, if anyone knows who created this originally, I’d sure appreciate a heads-up so I can properly credit and link back.

Background – No Art School

Having never been to Art School, or achieved any academic qualifications in Art & Design, I’ve always tried to stand-up for the naturally creative individual:

The type of creative individual who enthusiastically seeks to gain: experience and/or employment in the Art & Design industry, using their abundance of naturally sourced: talent, wit, skill, conviction, balls, enthusiasm, motivation etc.

No doubt that Art School provides many additional layers of skills and knowledge, and I’m certainly NOT belittling those that went that route.

However it has been proven time and time again that one CAN succeed in the Art & Design industry having NOT attended, and obtained, numerous Art & Design flavoured qualifications.

Having a natural creative talent required nourishing & nurturing, so finding some form of industry related experience can be brutally hard.

Life is rarely fare and easy when trying to get your foot on the ladder, but in the case of a natural creative, you have one major advantage over many others’: you don’t need to rely on an employer to provide the tools needed to move forward.

The very least I need to get my job done: pencils, pens, sketchbook and design books for inspiration.

The very most I need to get my job done: laptop and Wi-Fi (and I guess some clients!)

I previously wrote a post on this very topic. Forging, and fulfilling, a dream to work within the Creative Industry without any Art & Design qualifications/experience: hopefully may provide you with some hope and inspiration:

A Logo Designer Who Didn’t Do Art School, College or University!