Logo Design Client Proposal Template for Download – Includes Invoice Template by The Logo Smith

One of my earliest logo design templates for download was the 5 Page Logo Design Client Proposal Templates for Download I used to send potential clients: a brief breakdown of budget and deposits, along with a few essential terms and conditions.

Over the many years since this was first posted, the Proposal has seen numerous updates based on various client experiences, some good and some bad.

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I never used to bother with a proper Contract, and simply relied on this 5 page Proposal and my Logo Design Transfer of Copyright Template. In recent years however I’ve mostly stopped using this Proposal Document.


Presently I only use the 1st page of this 5 Page Logo Design Client Proposal Templates for Download (above), which outlines the budget breakdown, the project scope and also the deliverables.

Anything else related to the project is discussed in a more related manor via email, so there’s at least a digital trail of any agreements, requests etc. 

This last year has seen me mostly rely on mutual trust when it comes to confirming a client project, and for the most part that’s work out quite well.

I found that creating all these rules, provisions, etc inadvertently created a sense of mistrust.

There are certainly aspects that are important, like: font licensing, transfer of copyright etc, but again, these can be discussed in a more informal way, rather than all these clinical contractual stipulations.

Since I first made this Logo Design Client Proposal Template available, I have seen a regular influx of requests to keep it updated, even though I don’t use it myself, so here we are: a revised version of the Preliminary Proposal for you to download.

Please view the various terms I have written as a rough guide, and adjust the language as necessary. I am not for one moment suggesting this is a legal contract, or suggesting to you this is what you should do.

It’s something I used to use; now I don’t, but I know it’s proven useful to many of you from which to base your own Proposal off.

Client Invoice Template for Deposit

If the client is happy with this 5 Page Logo Design Client Proposal Templates for Download, then I send them the first Invoice for the deposit, which I’ve also created a version for you to download, which is included in the zip file.

Client Invoice Template

File Versions Available for Download:

The main files are saved for Adobe InDesign CC 2019; I’ve also provided a InDesign 2019 .indt file, PDF and Illustrator .ai files 

→ Download Template as ZIP file.

If you need another file format not provided, then please let me know via @thelogosmith and I’ll see what I can muster up.

You are free to alter any of the text, and the design—obviously remove my logo and branding—as you see fit.

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Logo Design Client Proposal Template for Download – Includes Invoice Template