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3 Page Master Client Logo Artwork Sheet Template for Download

This post has been updated, and you can find the New Template Here: Logo Design Template for Download: 3 Page Master Logo Client Sheet


Logo Artwork Sheet

Mentioned a few weeks back that I'd make a version of my Client Logo Artwork Sheet available as a quick downloadable template.

Here's that template:, and it's pretty simples, and nothing at all fancy.

I use this Logo Artwork Sheet as a quick preliminary way to get the client their logo files, then I work on the larger set of Guidelines, if they've been requested.

It's not the same as some of my previous one-page Logo Specification Sheets and here available for download, it's just a means to supply the client with the main logo versions, which they can just pick-up and use.

This is all dependant on the client having access to something like Illustrator of course. If they don't, then I send them this as a PDF, then also attach the various logo versions as JPG's etc.



Artwork Created in Illustrator CC2014

The artwork is created in Illustrator CC2014, and saved as .eps and .pdf, zipped up in one file, which you can download:

Social Media Version x2

I've started to create both square, and round versions of the Social Media version, as some platforms use just one or the other. If it's the circular version of the Social Media Profile Image, then you often need to size and position the logo mark a little differently than you'd do in the square version.

What You'll Need to Do

You'll need to change the fonts, replace the client name wording, and of course, drop in your versions of the logos, as well as changing the colours to suit.

Please feel free to use, and change as you see fit. 


Client Logo Artwork Sheet for Download Client Logo Artwork Sheet for Download

Other Downloadable Templates

I do have numerous other downloadable templates available, that I've done over the years, so feel free to browse through the Resources and Templates categories.

If you come across any dead download links, then please hit me up on Twitter, thanks.



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