How do you design a logo? Featured in NET Magazine

How do you design a logo


How do you design a logo? Featured in NET Magazine

This particular feature—bit like Tip’s & Advice, and A Question for Graham—is titled: “How do you design a logo?”, and @netmag asks a handful of logo designers: Ian Paget, Jacob Cass, Louise Fili, Cindy Vriend & myself, that very question.

Our responses needed to fall between 80-100 words, which for me was quite a challenge, as I do like to waffle.

Always lovely to be asked to write a few words about logo design for a printed magazine, especially one as popular as NET Magazine!

How do I design a logo?

Here’s my version (unedited from NET’s version).

How do you design a logo feature in NET Magazine

“My process relies on developing that one awesome and very appropriate idea, rather than splitting time over a handful of less refined, or diluted ideas. I avoid giving a client choices, it’s rarely ends well.

I take time to soak-up the brief, to really ‘get’ what is required from the logo, and the client, then set to work. Most of the time my first main idea is the one that get’s finalised.

Knowing when a logo is complete has taken a good number of years, but it’s mostly a combination of listening to the client’s feedback, but significantly: trusting my gut and experience.”

Finally, big thanks to Ian Paget for reminding me that the article was live, and for also grabbing me a printed copy and sending it to me.


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